Top 20+1

For week ending August 9 2019

Counting down the 21 most played new releases for the week!

Legend: L = Local, A = Australian, I = International

1The SaucermenDemoL1
2Dress CodeYouth CultureLNEW
3Electric BadgerA Mission From GodL9
4Summer FlakeSeasons ChangeLNEW
5Ponytail KinkMarry Me/Well DoneLR
6NecckAural AtrocityL13
7Hey HarrietMoreL14
8Heinous CrimesValleyLNEW
9Sputnik SweetheartUs GirlsANEW
10Teen Jesus & The Jean TeasersCreepshowANEW
11VariousElectrical LanguageI6
12DangermanWorlds AwayLR
13Massey FergusonMassey FergusonLR
15Subtract-S(Alone On A) MondayLR
16TorkWasting My TimeL16
17Paradise ClubAbove MeLNEW
18Mum Thinks BlueSneakyLNEW
19Kelly BrouhahaKelly BrouhahaLR
20The Empty ThreatsSanity RusselL19
21Shonen KnifeSweet Candy PowerINEW

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