Get Involved

Ways to get involved

So, you want to know more about Three D Radio? Perhaps you want to help keep the station on air or become an announcer yourself?



Thanks for the overwhelming show of interest from our community. We are working through a massive amount of expression of interest forms received, and will be in touch with you soon. Please be patient, and thanks again for your support!



Current skills gaps that Three D Radio is interested in closing include;

  • Technical.
    • Electronics
    • IS Administrator / Programmer
    • Sound engineering / Production
  • Administration
    •  Front of house Admin
    • Governance, policy & procedure development
  • Broadcasters/Announcers
    • Daytime availability Mon – Fri in particular focus.

If you are interested in finding out more about how Three D Radio is run, and perhaps even joining our volunteer membership and helping us keep getting better at what we do, then keep an eye on this page for notice of our next intake.

Current track