Our Music

We broadcast progressive, alternative music to Adelaide and surrounding areas, with a strong emphasis on promoting local music. We have no playlists and announcers are essentially free to play whatever they like. What we want to achieve is to broadcast music of maximum diversity that entertains, challenges, inspires and even occasionally frustrates our listeners.

Music Quotas

Announcers at Three D Radio are free to play what they want (within Australia’s very restrictive defamation and subjudicial laws), but they have to meet quotas. Over an average period of time an announcer should play 40% Australian, 40% Female and 20% Local artists. Not all programs can meet this due to the nature of their specialisation, but most do. Quotas help to define the sound of the station without telling people what to play. It also helps us remain true to the original ideals that were around when the station was set up.

Current track