Promote Your Stuff

We look for on air sponsors that compliment the overall sound and feel of our programming. In general, our on-air sponsors are music related or of interest to the Three D Radio community. Other businesses that wish to support Three D are invited to become a discounter and offer incentives and benefits to our valued subscribers.

Long Term Sponsorship

To discuss regular sponsorship, please contact us by email at:

One-off Promotions

For one off promotions, including venues, promoters, and international/interstate acts, we charge our standard rate of $15.40 per 30 second message for a minimum $385 spend over a one week period (25 spots).

Contact us by email at:

NOTE: ALL PROMOTIONS need a MINIMUM of TWO WEEKS notice to allow time for preparation and scheduling.

Sponsorship Message Style

We want sponsorship messages that our listeners want to listen to. All sponsorship messages need to be consistent with the sound of Three D. For this reason we will not broadcast pre-made advertisements meant for commercial radio. We also prefer not to broadcast jingles or messages that incorporate repetitive sounds and other gimmicks. If you have any questions relating to message production please contact us. Alternatively, we can produce your message in house.

Three D listeners are a discerning bunch. When they are happy, you are happy!

Making Your Own Promo

Messages must be exactly 30 seconds long, and provided to us as a 192Kb/s MP3 file. When producing your message, follow these pointers:

  • Try to say as exactly what is needed, and nothing more. Your message could be lost on listeners if you talk too much.
  • Repeat the important information.
  • Avoid phone numbers and long web addresses, as listeners will miss these.
  • Don’t swear or mention alcohol. This limits when we can air your message.
  • End your message with “Your Business supports Three D Radio”
  • Keep your original files in case any changes need to be made, and so you can reuse your message for future events.

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