Top 20+1

For week ending August 2 2019

Counting down the 21 most played new releases for the week!

Legend: L = Local, A = Australian, I = International

1The SaucermenDemoA13
2AtomIn Every Dream HomeA1
3Chainsaw PreachersPreaching To The PervertedL19
4Los PalmsLos PalmsLNEW
5The Molting Vultures/These ThingsSplit 7”L5
6VariousElectrical LanguageL4
7Mavis StaplesWe Get ByIR
8Olympic BingoAloofLNEW
9Electric BadgerA Mission From GodL5
10Bomber DownBomber DownL18
12DangermanWorlds AwayLR
13NecckAural AtrocityLNEW
14Hey HarrietMoreL20
15Dtson Stringer CloherFalling CloudsANEW
16The True DetectiveBad NewsL14
17Bermuda BayMoment In TimeLNEW
18TorkWasting My TimeLNEW
19The Empty ThreatsSanity RusselL9
20Cool SoundsMore To EnjoyANEW
21Jade ImagineBasic LoveANEW

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