Smash It Up

The Damned – Smash It Up Vol2 The Adicts – Easy Way Out The Quads – UFO The Ruts – West One Rockin Hendy – Fallin Apart Kryptonics – Cyclops The Gargoyles – Runnin Down The Uglies – Big Dogs Only Bad Brains – Attitude Taxed – Blue Dog Grudge – Surgery Z28 – Doin […]

The Damned – Smash It Up Vol2 The Lazy Cowgirls – How It Looks How It Is Fear And Loathing – Freedom March Scum Erections – School Sux The Stomachmouths – Dont Put Me Down Ricochet Pete – Backseat Romeo The Sons Of Adam – Evil Hearted You Victim – The Teen Age The Exploited […]

The Damned – Smash It Up Vol 2 Belial – Lets See You Dance Purple Gang – Off The Bone The Units – Grill Room The Professionals – 123 The Quads – UFO Blood Sucking Freaks – Stretch Fungus Brains – Pasty Faces Troatt – Murder Junkies Played At The Squatters The Creeps – Think […]

The Damned – Smash It Up Pt2 Alice Cooper – Long Way To Go The 13th Floor Elevators – Thru The Rhythm Red Rascal – Telephone Love Juliete Seizure And The Tremmor Dolls – Get Straight Twenty Second Sect – I’ll Be Your Navigator The Primevils – Cat Walk New York Dolls – Frankenstein The […]

The Damned – Smash It Up Part 2 Asteroid B612 – Teen Sublimation Riff The Dictators – Sixteen Forever Hotchkiss – Jail Liz Dealey Band – The Witching Hour Discharge – Anytown Splodgeaboundness – Two Little Boys Cosmic Psychos – Lost Cause The Uglies – Big Dogs Only Lucy – Run Rabbit Run Hard Ons […]

The Damned – Smash It Up Vol2 The New Christs – Born Out Of TIme Primevils – I Wait TRex – Calling All Destroyers Fear And Loathing – Bangkok Hilton Prehistoric Extinct – Into The Wild Standard Union – Sick On You The El Caminos – Suicidal Salmon The Gamma Rays – The Rocket Man […]

The Damned – Smash It Up Pt 2 Meat Tray – Aussie Mozzies Hotchkiss – Machine Gun The Sonics – Don’t Believe In Christmas The Dagoes – Santa, Coca-Cola And Elvis The Revillos – Motorbike Beat Dead Moon – Christmas Rush The Molting Vultures (Grace Emily 23/12) – The Trough Green Circles (Grace Emily 23/12) […]

The Damned – Smash It Up Pt 2 The Misunderstood (RIP Tony Hill) – Find The Hidden Door The Misunderstood (RIP Tony Hill) – Children Of The Sun The Sons Of Adam – Feathered Fish Ben Gel – Not Just Another Riot Cull The Band (Grace Emily 17/12 +Hammer Horrors) – She Knows Thee Cha […]

The Damned – Smash It Up Pt 2 Husker Du (For Dan and Ocky) – Pink Turns To Blue Rocket Science – Psychic Man The Liminanas – Votre Cote Yeye The Stomachmouths – Valley Surf Stomp The Nomads w/ The Kissettes – The Way (You Touch My Hand) Hotchkiss – Who Do You Love (Bo […]

The Damned – Smash It Up Pt 2 Cheap Trick – I Want You To Want Me (Alternate vVersion) Square Tugs – Lost In Translation The Uglies – Fuckhead Records The Uglies – Baby On A Leash The Limininas – Down Underground The Stems – She’s A Monster The Molting Vultures (Grace Emily 23/12) – […]

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