Smash It Up

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The Damned – Smash It Up Vol2 Bored – Rotten To The Core The Chosen Few – Terminal Rock (Live) The Dollyrots – Da Doo Ron Ron/I Wanna Be Sedated The Delmonas – Peter Gunn Locomotion Texas Terri Bomb – Never Shut Up The Nerves – Paper Dolls The Rezillos – Life’s A Bitch Hollywood […]

The Damned – Smash It Up Pt2 Angie Pepper – Only One Way Out Pigs Nipples – Dirty Lying Dog The Psychotic Turnbuckles – Creeps The Purple Avengers – Another World The Bellrays – Hole In The World Jaguar God – Im Your Demon Hearted Lover Johnny Dole And The Scabs – Living Like An […]

The Damned – Smash It Up Pt2 Perdition – Right To Fight Razar – Stamp Out Disco The Accountants – Elizabeth City Riots Nunchukka Superfly – Door Queen Annes Revenge – Piracy The Vague – Hazel Damsel Morgen – Purple Jelly Bean Bandits – Generation The Far Outs – Last Night Teenage Jones – Superglue […]

The Damned – Smash It Up Pt2 Seminal Rats – Change Juliette Siezure And The Tremor Dolls – Seizure Salad Juliet Seizure And The Tremor Dolls – Be My Fred Cole Hells Hoist – Your Shout Monarchs – 2001 Pretty Things – Balloon Burning The Hives – Bogus Operandi The Maggie Pills – The Freedom […]

The Damned – Smash It Up Pt2 Venom P Stinger – 26 Milligrams Hudoo Gurrus – In The Echo Chamber Tactics – New York Reel Elmer Ganrty’s Velvet Opera – Talk Of The Dead Living Daylights – Up So High Numbskulls – Pizza Box Radio Birdman – Hand Of Law The Popes – Knup Your […]

The Damned – Smash It Up Vol2 Bored – There’s A Lot Of It Going Around Gels – Insurrection Half – Hotwire 502 Toxic Shock – Dog Shit Red Rascal – Mr Makeever Pigusus – From The Stars The Packets – Bad People Electric Sex Pants – Fight Night Chainsaw Preachers – Culture War Chainsaw […]

The Damned – Smash It Up Vol2 Kamikaze – Broken Doll Redd Kross – Notes And Chords Mean Nothing To Me Creeping Flesh – 3 Blind Lies The Creamers – Road Kill Mad Turks From Isambul – Seeing Was Believing Chainsaw Preachers – Greed Is The Enemy News – Hate Meatbeaters – Crackin Skulls Ben […]

The Damned – Smash It Up Vol2 Q65 – Cry In The Night The Ribcage Wrestlers – Watties Mum Died Pretty – Mirror Blues Cron Gen – Reality The Outcasts – Gangland Warfare The Runaways – Wild Thing Halftime Oranges – Salamander On My Verandah Blowers – Sick Of You LOLA – Billionaire Violet Harlot […]

The Damned – Smash It Up Vol2 Radio Birdman – Murder City Nights The Brood – Leave Me Alone Gore Gore Girls – Gore She’s Got It The Adverts – Quick Step The Loons – I Wanna Get You Rocky Ericson & Bleibalien – Red Temple Prayer (Two Headed Dog) Guitar Wolf – Jet Generation […]

The Damned – Smash It Up Vol2 Freeloaders – Watch The Skies Guitar Wolf – Planet Of The Battera The Ramones – The KKK Took My Baby Away Blitz – Attack Perdition – Crisis Civic – End Of The Line Half – Tufts And Tails (Kamoy’s Song) Chainsaw Preachers – Empire Satan’s Cats – Year […]

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