It’s Always Rock’n’Roll

The Masters Apprentices – But One Day The Masters Apprentices – Dancing Girl The Masters Apprentices – Hot Gully Wind Jupiter V – All Aboard Curlee Wurlee! – Run Gluecifer – Phonebooth Creep Инструкция По Выживанию (Instruktsiya Po Vyzhivaniyu) – Мы все в конце (My vse v kontse) Hubble Bubble – Big Star Rolling James […]

The Beasts of Bourbon – Pig The Jack Wood – Ferris Wheel J.C. Satan – Believe Me High Rise – Turn to Cry Pat Todd & the Rankoutsiders – Livin’ In a World of Hurt Ragady Anne – おとぎ‘ (Faerie) Spencer P. Jones – Enmore Hotel Blues Gravel Samwidge – Don’t Go There The Art […]

MC5 – Kick Out the Jams James Baker Experience – Born to Be Punched James Baker & the Groundbreakers – Born to Rock Beasts of Bourbon – Drop Out Beasts Of Bourbon – Hard For You Beasts Of Bourbon – Bad Revisited The Dead Boys – All This and More Heartbreakers – I Wanna Be […]

Kalahari Surfers – Free State Fence Kalahari Surfers – Houghton Parents Blowers – Slice ‘n’ Dice Noise – Tror Du I Refuse It – Che Cosa Posso Fare Di Erotico (Per Non Diventare Nevrotico) Sonic Angels – D.T.K The Terrorsurfs – The Bolshevik Beatdown Bob Hund – Ett Fall & En Lösning Råttanson – Fighting […]

Ennio Morricone – V Variazione: Africani (Eat It) Ennio Morricone – VII Variazione: Temimi (Eat It) King Brothers – やりきれない (Yarikirenai) Hubble Bubble – Look Around (I Was So Upset) Holy Sheep – New Tattoo Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her – Think It Over The James Baker Experience – I Can’t Control Myself Mad […]

Raspberries – Go All the Way Raspberries – I Wanna Be With You Raspberries – Overnight Sensation (Hit Record) Eric Carmen – That’s Rock ‘N Roll Cockney Rebel – Mr Soft Cockney Rebel – Mirror Freak Cockney Rebel – Ritz Midnight Bankrobbers – ベティの独り言 (Betty no Hitorigoto) Lewsberg – Out For Milk Boris – Party […]

Moondog – Theme The Dangermen – Woke Up At Home GUNK – What Goes On Copralitos – El Alta Raw Grip – Timeliness Teengenerate – Midnight to Six Man Mary Bell – Suit & Mask Toni OK – Haunted Black Wagon Gunslingers – San Pedro Hallucination Oh! Gunquit – Lights Out Gomme – I’m a […]

Raymond Scott – Sleepy Time Thee Michelle Gun Elephant – マシュマロ・モンスター (Marshmallow Monster) Johnny Kannis – Pushin’ Too Hard Can Can Heads – Eye of the Tigris The Cruel Seals – Last Stop Red Square Remoted – Star Friction – Pistol The Dyne – Fly Root Polysics – Hot Stuff HÄGÖL – Goyangi Buddhadatta – […]

Laurie Johnson – Jason King Main Titles Laurie Johnson – The Avengers (End Titles Music) Die Knödel – Fasnachtpolka The Yours – Public Eye Hanako – Echo Moreru – Otaku Minagorishi Mach Pelican – She’s a Mod Fear & Loathing – Bangkok Hilton Thee Gunlocks – Be My Jane Gasoline – Do You Feel Alright […]

Can – Pinch Thee Gunlocks – Freak Out! Rock’n’Roll Rebels – The End of Humanity The Gimmies – Till You’re Down Autoramas – I’m the One Fiendish Cavendish – Something In the Water Baddhadatta – Ikou Here We Go! Let’s Go! Takeshi Terauchi & The Bunnys – Feedback Guitar Los Polares – La Droga The […]

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