It’s Always Rock’n’Roll

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Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch – Twin Peaks Christmas Greeting Sparks – Christmas Without a Prayer Fear – Fuck Christmas Group 1850 – Mother No-Head Q65 – Love Is Such a Good Thing Dirtbombs – My Last Christmas Jet Boys – Merry Christmas, Fuck You Systems Go – No More Xmas, Carol Takeshi Terauchi & […]

John Carpenter & Alan Howarth – Coming to L.A. Ave Negra – Motor Catholic Spray – Plane Crash Light Strucks – Cheia de Ésteres T.I.T.S. – Adolf Hustler Raven – 森のアリゲーター (Mori no Arigeta) Gasoline – Guitar Wolf Me Iguana Death Cult – Seven Tongues INU – おっさんとおばはん (Ossan to Oba-han) Thee Dirty Rats – […]

The Moody Blues – Go Now Denny Laine & the Electric String Band – Ask the People Balls – Fight For My Country Thee Michelle Gun Elephant – Get Up Lucy Thee Michelle Gun Elephant – G.W.D Thee Michelle Gun Elephant – GT400 The Birthday – Pistol The Birthday – Rock Your Animal The Birthday […]

The Dictators – The Next Big Thing The Dictators – Teengenerate Nipple Erectors – So Pissed Off The Nips – Vengeance Teengenerate – Dressed In Black The’s – Mothra Thee Braindrops – Just Count It The Lords of Gravity – Outcast Thee Dirty Rats – Don’t Even Try AlterModerns – Unmaterial World The’s […]

Killing Joke – Primitive Killing Joke – Song & Dance Killing Joke – Gratitude King Brothers – No! No! No! Mad 3 – Please Don’t Touch Curlee Wurlee! – Cryin’ Inside Hollywood Sinners – Roller Coaster The Saints – (I’m) Misunderstood The Girl – Careless Aiha Higurashi – The End of Shite Seagull Screaming Kiss […]

David Axelrod – The Sick Rose Tiburona – Aqui en Mi Nube Stereo Total – Comme un Garçon Light Strucks – Jacaré Alligator Gluecifer – Suck City The Edwoods – My Bird (Live at Dominatrix) 54 Nude Honeys – Drift Guitar The Dangermen – Our Respect Turbonegro – The Midnight NAMBLA La Hija del Apocalipsis […]

Aela – Ekki Snerta Mig Grylurnar – Pl Ert Of Huit Hormonar – Hamskipti Purrkur Pillnikk – Suprise Daudyfin – Alaudi Dys – Bankanum Pinum Er Sama Un Big Vonbrigoi – Guufreadi Hatari – Engin Miskuun Tofa – Fightgirl The Cult Of One – Bottomless Hole Sucks To Be You Nigel – Susie Takes A […]

Ennio Morricone – Sinfonia del Cottimista Turbonegro – Deathtime The Habits – Muscle Car Cheyenne Love – Dead Race Curlee Wurlee! – Scooter Boy Hollywood Sinners – Huracan Pasquito Thee Michelle Gun Elephant – スパイダー・スパイダー (Spider Spider) Toni OK – Sunset Swim Gasoline – Dear Mr. Angus Young The Switch Trout – Surf Grinder AlterModerns […]

Isaac Hayes – Theme From Shaft Monks – Monk Time Curlee Wurlee! – Hankee Pankee Gluecifer – Under My Hood Hands of Time – I’m Rowed Out Hollywood Sinners – No Soy Bueno Polysics – Mr. Psycho Psycho Gasoline – Wateru Buster The Switch Trout – Peter Gunn Cheyenne Love – Brutally Honest Brenda Tom […]

Carla Bley – What Will Be Left Between Us and the Moon Tonight? The Switch Trout – Cuttlefish Boogie Gluecifer – Head to Head Boredom Hard Action – Watch Me Burn La Hija del Apocalipsis – Don’t Wanna Hold Your Hand Gasoline – Wild One AlterModerns – Wednesday Zulo – Vas a Extra​ñ​arme Hands of […]

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