Top 20+1

For week ending November 27 2015

Counting down the 21 most played new releases for the week!

Legend: L = Local, A = Australian, I = International

1The SystemaddictsBroken Hearted On The NullarborL7
2FlangipanisGouge Out Your EyesA17
3The Sunday ReedsPretty PeopleA14
4The Saucer-MenFangsL5
5Captain SpudTiger SquadLR
6The TossYobLR
7Terrible TruthsTerrible TruthsL2
8Juliette Seizure & The Tremor DollsJuliette Seizure & The Tremor DollsLR
9ThanesInfinite HoldL9
11Babes Are WolvesYou Only Live TwiceL1
12SomniumI Lost My Mind Trying To Work Out YoursL-
13The TimbersLiesL-
14Old MateMarabyL6
15The AvesJuan BiancoLR
16StartakitBetter Than Homeless GardensLR
17Star DropperThe Universe Will Kill YouAR
18Erase ErrataNightlifeI-
19Cosmic PsychosCum The Raw PrawnA4
20Sul ZhenSecretly SusanA-
21Suzannah EspieMother's Not Feeling Herself LatelyA-

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