Friday Breakfast – 2018-09-21

Written by on September 21, 2018

Rage against the machine – Guerrilla Radio
The Lizards – The fat controller
Dog Power – Not Human
Stand Atlantic – Lavender Bones
Van Cleef – Zapatistas
Dead Roo – Over My Head
Moaning Lisa – Comfortable
Blue flame special – Stolen Years
Horace Bones – Stranger Danger
The Mark of Cain – Barkhammer
Stormset – Fly over clouds
Semiotics Department of Heteronyms – Guilty and Gifted
Death by Denim – Rise
Sabaton – The last stand
Way Shit – Don’t Stab Me
Black Chrome – World gone mad
Cosmic Fossil – Know yourself
Wharves – Mo’s Desert Clubhouse
Dark Fair – First thing I become
RAT Hammock – June
The Delvenes – How good is that
Candy – Hiding from the sun
Batpiss – A veteran of nonsense
The Dunes – Making friends with codeine
Angelik – Double time
Parquet Courts – Before the water gets too high
Jackie Brown Jr – Best Friend
Flow Commotion – Come back home
Bakers Eddy – Leave it to me
The Growl – Cleaver Lever
The meanies – Ton of bricks
Skegss – Paradise
Straight Arrows – 21st Century
School Damage – Assimilate
Ukulele Death Squad – Home
Pirra – Rabbit Hole
West Thebarton – Gough
Nun – Pick up the phone
Rolling blackouts coastal fever – Mainland
Velvet Flare – Don’t go now
Mojo Juju – Native Tongue
The Seven Ups – The Learned Goat
She’s The Band – A place of our own

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