Depthcharge 15

Written by on October 12, 2018

  1. The Clangers I’m Trying Hard Not To Hate You
  2. Squeaker Let You Go
  3. Rapid Transport Neighbour’s Suppression
  4. Rebecca Lyon Vampires
  5. Sonatine BMX Horses (slight return)
  6. Mr Gasman Man With The Golden Shovel
  7. Young Offenders The Boys Are Out
  8. Lazy Eye Organ Grinder
  9. Picnic Casket Dirty Little Liar
  10. Stardropper The Bottom Line
  11. Loren Kate Til Night Meets The Sun
  12. The Sloe Ruin Don’t Call My Name
  13. Startakit Not The Only One
  14. Profiteers Burn It Down
  15. Snobby Oxalis Kings of Seaford
  16. Garry Moonboot Masters Be What You Are
  17. Vintage Violence Heavy Load
  18. The Violet Crams Attack Of The Cat
  19. Soberphobia Who The Fuck Has Got My Lighter?
  20. West Thebarton Brothel Party Glenn McGrath

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