Depthcharge 16

Written by on October 12, 2018

  1. The Menace Hallowed
  2. Cosmo Thundercat Warning Bell
  3. Kettering Bug Navarone
  4. Only Objects Dress For The End (Freezedream Re-Frame)
  5. Ponytail Kink Libraries
  6. Juliette Seizure & the Tremor Dolls You Had Your Chance
  7. Battlehounds Good Man
  8. Sean Kemp Break Up
  9. Panoptique Electrical In Spite Of Yourself
  10. Electric Sex Pants Nice Guys Can’t Fuck
  11. Chica Chica Electrica Los Bomberos
  12. The El Caminos Suicidal Salmon
  13. Rhys Howlett Eagle On The Hill
  14. Troatt Walk Socks
  15. Velvet Moth Lady Log
  16. Duo Montagne Deeply In Love
  17. Stranger Things Have Happened Something/Nothing
  18. The Winter Gypsy Took Me By
  19. Recreator Recreator
  20. Goon Wizard Mediocre Mountain
  21. Wolfpanther Pythagorean Triad

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