Vanishing Point

Charlemagne Palestine – Strumming Music Paula Shocron – SoloPianoImprovisation Data Preluda – 18:18 Duquesa – Relampagos III Michael Fischer and Valentin Duit – Through Ruby Silver Tardis Retardis – Death To Humans Cuchlain Coker – HumansCan Learn A Lot From Rats Colostomy Bag Lady – I Hate Humans Morosphyx – Inerieur Eddie Prevost – . […]

White Tiger A:. A:. – Sky Fist Unknown Artist – Domestic Francisco Merino and Jerome Noetinger – Six Smegma / Merzbow – Reanimated 54-93 New Boyfriends – . Rorschach Climax Ensemble – A Unknown Artist – Kids Playing

Borbatomagus – Snuff Jazz Side A Western Weather Report – Sitting Ducks Tess Brady et al – People In A Gallery An Experiment In Stereophony Torstein Wjiik – Muddy Bloody Hog Pt1 Kikuchi Yukinori – Gen Pulling Teeth – Pliers Abrasive Blasting Equipment – Track 1 John Murphy And Ben Taylor – Untitled Track 4 […]

Tim Panaretos – When It Rains Firoza – Through The Valleys Of Kurdistan / Khorramabad Dusk / Somewhere East Of Dezful / At The Tomb Of Hafez Rat Filth – Feeling It (2) Haraam – Personal Brand Tom Hall – Dune Field Tell Me Strangely – The Deep End Bad Magic – Week Tim Panaretos […]

Rosa Yemen – Herpes Simplex Prolapse – Sewer Cock Xaria Dion – Cap Tourmente Werner Karloff – Atemporal Belong – Very Careful Purling Hiss – Dight High Purrling Hiss – Icelator Orphan Ann – Vi ar overallt Dead Can Dance – Mesmerism Casino Versus Japan – Trad Velecido Jim E Brown – I Can Smell […]

Spiney Fleshpot – Goomba Peter Read with Chimp Inc Presents – The Battle Of Peter Read The Stumps – The Movement Die Like A God – Everybody Loves A Victim Die Like A God – Live At The Squatters Arms 5 May 2012 Bonnie Mercer – Untitled #1 Lawrence English – Adrift Anoname X Amamanita […]

Bonnie Mercer – Signal Limitation Leitmotiv Limbo – Introduction On Entry Kusum Normoyle – Body Contact 2 Acid Mothers Temple And The Melting Paradiso UFO – Recurring Dream And Apocolypse Of Darkness Side3 The Stumps – If I Gave You Some Concrete Slippers Would You Wear Them If You Jump Off The Pier Slayer Organa […]

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