Vanishing Point

Lustrate – Spiritual Welfare / Hilasterion / New Covenant Hepa Titus – Brothers and Sisters Edu Comelles – L​í​nia Pedra Josh Shipton and the Blue Eyed Ravens – . Defektro vs Josh Shipton – . Josh SHipton and the Blue Eyed Ravens – .

Chimp Inc – Seaman Raw Spud – Bye Bye Lumpy Troatt – Suppositories Raw Sex and the Cane Toad Death Squad – Oh My Haemorrhoids Hectic Head – La La Lump Raw Sex and the Cane Toad Death Squad – Haemorrhoids Raw Sex – Ring of Fire Freshly Fucked Bun Wound – MIndRotFuck Dunn and […]

Borbetomagus – Gegstapo She Wolf Barbie Lietmotiv Limbo – Sweeping An Arc Ali Latif Shushtari – Shustari Fome Bruta – As Flores Dao-se Aos Procxs E A Metafisica Dos Costumes Geoff Leigh, Makoto Kawabata & Aoga Tanimoto – Leisure To Eraser Space Anoname & Amamanita Axaxaxanax Glass Seer – Take Care Of Yr Welfare SlayerOrgana […]

Hunting Lodge – shadow out of time Henri Chopin – Frises majeures des levres Kevin Tompkins – A Quip For My True Love Buried Beneath A Thousand Tiny Feet Limpe Fuchs – Chaparral + Spot Stop Etant Donnes – Transports Smegma – . Non – .

Body Melt – Fecal Vomiting Henrik Olsson – Common Ground volume one Kevin Tomkins – Cutting Through a Vacuumwith BloodiedThighbone Scissors

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