HOME FOR THE DEF BIG BAND – oppenheimer MARY’S BEDROOM – honey bee HOW WE SEE IT 3 – excerpt MORMON ELECTRONICA – i burrowed my face PIGSHIT – into the mouths of babes the JUDAS SHEEP UNDERWORLD – the grim reaper BOB’S CACA – sam’s shopping list (excerpt) CHOCOLATE RESEARCH LABORATORY – excerpt RHIZOME […]

the DEAD C – still LOWLIFE – olympique lyonnais BEURRE – longish story WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS – the saints go marching through all the popular tunes TESS BRADY – people in a gallery, an experiment in stereophony (1980) SWEENEY – the studio the ONOS – banned at metro SUE HARDING – dot matrix MAGPIES ARE […]

BARDO POND – destroying angel HASH JAR TEMPO – untitled ROY MONTGOMERY – visions of emma ARCHIE SHEPP – blues for don’l duck NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS & BARNACLES – drunk dub cat AGNEL LANZ VATCHER – laughing hyenas DAVID CUNNINGHAM – error system (c pulse group recording) KOSTIS KILYMIS – crystal drops OREN AMBARCHI – girl […]

DWORZEC – 14.01 BONNIE MERCER – loss PAPAPHILIA – when the hand is scarce, the world falls on your head RED WINE & SUGAR – wherever you go, make it so you were barely ever there SEEPING – pus SOW DISCORD – ruler the NECKS – aether

COIL – how to destroy angels ROBERT CURGENVEN – and when the storm came, they were the storm DIIMPA – moss ELIANE RADIGUE – stress osaka SCOTT WALKER & SUNN O))) – lullaby FELICIA ATKINSON – you have to have eyes JENNY HVAL & SUSANNA – i have a darkness ARCA – piel DELIA DERBYSHIRE […]

BARK PSYCHOSIS – scum EXPERIMENTAL AUDIO RESEARCH – mesmerised SUNN O))) & BORIS – blood swamp ROYAL TRUX – domo des burros (two sticks) WHITE TIGER A:. A:. – four legs good two legs bad

BONGOMWIZARDMOUNTAIN – theme from now ELK – body amazon (city fig wren sees) ENTLANG – nameless one NEU! – hallogallo GLENN BRANCA – the ascension RHYS CHATHAM – guitar trio BILL ORCUTT – sad news from korea DON CHERRY – symphony for improvisers/nu creative love/what’s not serious/infant happiness JEAN DUBUFFET – – GHEDALIA TAZARTES – […]

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