The Brown Note

Jupiter V – No Shade In Hades Djawbreaker – Get Out Burnout Ost West – Roboter erwürgt Arbeiter Syyskuu – Sator Hotdogurrrl and the Sesame Buns – Sosage Boy Harold Holt Search Party – Footy Solder – CPU The Delegates – Never Let It Get Ya Down Free Live Sports – Too Cute Pure Hell […]

Gravel Samwidge – Don’t Go There Art Gray Noizz Quintet – Ride Vlad Dale – She’s Got a Heart Full of Spite (And She Don’t Care) Truck Train Tractor – Starforce USA Batpiss – Time Lambrini Girls – God’s Country Amyl & the Sniffers – U Should Not Be Doing That Wine Lips – Killjoy […]

Vlad Dale – Second Hand Smoke Them Creepy Crawlies – Crazy Cats Raw Spud Ensemble – Don’t Drink Water The Beautiful Black – Hit the Wall Red Meds – Jesus Going Wholesale Unstrung Harp – Sticks & Stones These Cars Collide – The Great Carnival Wrong Kind of Stoneage – Run Amok The LC3s – […]

Vlad Dale – What Does Your Love Cost? C Turtle – Shaker It Down Wetflix – Hardboy September Girls – Heartbeats The Cramps – Give Me a Woman Hate Force Five – Me Too Andrew Petrusevics & The Bus Stops – Hey Buddy, Hey Bob The Sunburners – Some Weird Way Spindickle – Stupidity Loves […]

The James Baker Experience – I Can’t Control Myself James Baker & the Groundbreakers – Memories Le Hoodoo Gurus – leilani Hoodoo Gurus – Dig It Up Hoodoo Gurus – Be My Guru Hoodoo Gurus – Leilani 2 The Beasts of Bourbon – Let’s Get Funky The Beasts of Bourbon – Driver Man The Beasts […]

Vlad Dale – What Does Your Love Cost Hate Force Five – Swear At Your Parents Raygun Mortlock – Gor-Don’s Pit Danny Whittens Veins – Professional Deadbeat Gonad Filth Arena – Five Feet Naked Beast – Aether Station The Zits – Sick On You The Homosexuals – Walk Before Imitate Snakefinger – Here Come the […]

Vlad Dale – Kiss & Fuck Men With Chips – Sentiment Yummy Fur – Department Yog Sothoth – Bad Trip Sex Pill – Red Nose Hammerhead Ted – Headbutting Fairies Grog – Hagfish The Flying Luttenbachers – Goosesteppin’ Throat Slug – Wig Lady Star/Time – He Who Carries Death in his Pouch Huntington Lodge – […]

Vlad Dale – Let’s Go Nowhere Together Sick Thoughts – Mother, I Love Satan The 745 – Wet Lettuce DEW – Got Away The Beautiful Black – Leather The Dirty Three – Shortbreak Borbetomagus – We Were Done With the Judgement of God Last Week Devil’s Dildo – Joy Girls At Our Best – Politics […]

Vlad Dale – See My Dog Brainer – In the Raw The Genevieves – Words The Munch – Pass By The Beautiful Black – Hell Fire The Beautiful Black – Non Alignment Pact It’s a Hoax – Trying For Easy J.T I.V – Jetlag Time Drag Matador – Angel The Go Betweens – Hammer the […]

MC5 – Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa) MC5 – Sister Anne MC5 – Black To Comm MC5 – Rock’n’Roll Pips Was (Not Was) – Carry Me Back To Old Morocco Wayne Kramer – Junkie Romance Wayne Kramer – It’s Never Enough MC5 (DKT) – Ramblin’ Rose FACTOIDS – Sewer Punk Hood […]

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