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Shadow Realm – Santa Claws Is Coming To Town Plaag – Christmas Time Plaag – Christmas Time Scrooge – What Would You So Soon Put Out, With Worldly Hands, the Light I Give? Sterbhaus – Santa Claus In Satan’s Claws Christopher Lee – Jingle Hell Acid Witch – Black Christmas Chainsaw Dissection` – Violent Night […]

Nightwish – Amaranth Deathlike Silence – Moonlight Shaddow Seven Kingdoms – Barracuda Archenemy – Through the eyes of a raven Crypta – Possessed Black Sabbath – hole in the sky Elephant tree – paranoid Faith no more – Surprise! Youre Dead! Spirit Adrift – Escape Mr Bungle – Bungle Grind Vader – Epitaph Slayer – […]

The Lazarus Theory – The Joker & The Witch Clowns – Does It Matter Skeletal Remains – Beyond Cremation Void Of Vision – Hell Hell Hell King Parrot – Lizard Alestorm – The Battle of Cape Fear River Astrodeath – Invasion KVLL – Suffocation Cathedral Of Light – Potent Tim Trollgasm – It Is Here […]

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