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Testament (USA) – Trail of Tears Ozzy Osbourne (UK) – See You In the Other Side Judas Priest (UK) – Victim of Changes (Live at the Agora Theatre) Hidden Intent (SAUS) – Breaking Point Sepultura (BRZ) – Straighthate (remastered) Superjoint Ritual (USA) – Waiting for the Turning Point Sons of Erebus (SAUS) – Into Nothing […]

Dream Widow – march of the insane mr bungle – sudden death melvins – data control elephant tree – paranoid metallica – phantom lord black sabbath – children of the grave motorhead – whiplash ministry – just one fix Mastodon – Hunters Of The Sky Iron Maiden – Wasted Years Iced Earth – Burnin For […]

rob zombie – the scorpion sleeps john 5 – season of the witch Rotting Christ – Vicious Joy & Black Delight Asylnte – Xanthic Marque murderdolls – love at first fright Cry Murder – We of the culture distructive in this moment – whore sadistik exekution – magus pack o cards – rip it off […]

Cage the Hate – Morphine Muppet Down (USA) – Hail the Leaf Nightstalker (Greece) – Just a Burn Bong Coffin – Ganjalf Dirty Pagans – The Man Who Killed the Gods Firestorm – Control, Demise Melvins (USA) – Honey Bucket Voices Of Grief (Russia) – Epitaph to Tragedy Earth Rot – Panoptic Terror Tanin’Iver – […]

nine inch nails – starfuckers inc Wednesday 13 – Bad Things Slimelord – The Beckoning Bell Oni – Seppuku Blade Headbore – lets fight Imminent Psychosis – Imminent Attack The Senseless – Amazing Pain Ὁπλίτης – Ἡ τ​ῶ​ν λ​υ​σ​σ​η​μ​ά​τ​ω​ν ἄ​γ​γ​ε​λ​ο​ς Sharp Shooter – Pissing On the Ashes faceless burial – From the Bastion to the […]

Freedom of Fear – Awakening Freedom of Fear – Immortal Hidden Intent – Place of Horror Ekosa – Murder of the Hero Lumen Ad Mortem – Within the Smoke Christ Dismembered – Revel in Your Disgust I Choose Violence – What is Dead May Never Die Storm the Crown – Purest Kitchen Witch – Delusion […]

Alkira – The Last Life Kaiser and the Machines of Creation – Divine 192K abstract the light – stone on a rock lust hag – the hunt Black Birch – Lights Chained Arcana – Equinox Observers – Moon Doom Dödsrit – Nocturnal Fire No Cure – Self Preservation Orange Goblin – Beginners Guide to Suicide […]

Chuck Billy, Scott Ian, Jon Donais, Chris Wyse, John Tempesta – Silent Night Nightstalker – Forever Stoned Kitchen Witch – Third Eye Rockys Pride and Joy – Revenge Ekosa – Apoptosis Holur – Atop the Throne of Wickedness Storm the Crown – Neon I Choose Violence – There will be Blood Deviodance – Filth Featuring […]

Sepultura – Loss (intro) Sepultura – Dark wood of error Sepultura – Arise (live) Sepultura – The Waste (Feat Mike Patton) Soulfly – Eye for an Eye Cavalera Conspiracy – Inflikted Rivers of Nihil – Hell Birds Ne Obliviscaris – Suspyre Oath of Damnation – To crack the Earth and Bring down the Sky (Demo) […]

Dirty Pagans – BTK Crowbar – No Quater Down – Lysergik Funeral Processions Night Stalker – Sweet Knife Black Sabbath – Sweet Leaf Primus Featuring Ozzy Osbourne – N.I.B Pantera – Goddamn Electric Dark Funeral – Dead Skin Mask (Slayer Cover) Mortal Tourment – Orgasmatron (Motorhead Cover) Cannabis Corpse – Sentenced to Burn One Suffocation […]

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