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Crank – Theme From Crank Lumpsucker – Dustmites Lumpzucker – Girl The Beautiful Black – hit the wall Druid Fluids – Out of Phase Maisie – Free Your Mind Can – Shikako Maru Ten Can – Moonshake Colosseum – The Kettle James Dawes – I Love You(Kookoo) Shadow Ministers – Stressed Out The Sonics – […]

The Fridays – Strange Sexy On Fridays – Come Undone Gregor Friday – open hands One Planet – Bob Marley Wireheads – Hook Echo Chainsaw Preachers – Empire Jerry Seinfeld – Bathroom flight of the conchords – friends John Safran – Not The Sunscreen Song Openfire – I Can Talk Joss Dressle – Graveyard David […]

Alexander Flood – U R THA 1 upsammy – Ergo Dynamic Tree Sunflower Aquarium – SA​-​124 Lila Tirando a Violeta – Assyrian Myths B(if)tek – Theme from The Translators Arca – Anaesthetic E-Saggila – H2god Palace – Trust (Matrixxman Remix) Billus – Positivity Keeps The Disk Afloat LAPS – Who Me? (D.Tiffany & Roza Remix) […]

david bowie – breaking glass gill scxott heron – the revolution woll not be televised robert fripp and brian eno – wind on water go0 betweens – in her diary firewater – fanfare firewater – anything at all frank black – whatever happened to po smog – dress sexy at my funeral eric burdon and […]

Tina Turner – What’s Love Got To Do With It LENI ft Kahl Wallis – COLD LOVE Tyson Pedro – Heartstrings Divebar Youth – Vertebrae Loreen – Tattoo Alisya Rae – Never Felt Better Alpha Street – Too Much To Take Don’t Bring Stacey – Changed My Hair Don’t Bring Stacey – In And Out […]

William S Burroughs – Summer Will Bandshe – Periodic table Juliet Seizure & The Tremor Dolls – Get Straight Rat Catcher – Curly Pete Wilson – Leaping Marcello – Tangents Ella Ion – Ride The Novas – The Crusher Curved Air – Backstreet Luv The Skatalites – Simmer Down The Mojos – Everything’s Alright The […]

EMMA LUKER etc – Hunter’s Revenge DANDELION WINE – Faerie Lullaby SEAN MANGAN – Terry Mac KATE BATTERSBY – Laurie Tredrea WENDY JOSEPH – We Got The Right TOM TRASY – Soul Of A Gypsy JEFF WITT – Dreamtime HANA STRETTON – Can II PACKWOOD – All Smoke Must Find Its Way Home TREMBLING BELLS […]

Union Trading Company – Mr. Specter Lazy Lester – Tell Me Pretty Baby The Walters – Lovin’ with my Baby Selwyn Birchwood – Plenty More to be Grateful For Clarence Davis – Hoochie Mama Bob Corritore & Frineds – High Rise Blues Lil’ Jimmy Reed with Ben Levin – Wish You Wouldn’t Gary Bernath & […]

Special Interest – Concerning Peace SLAYERORGANA – The Confederacy of Independant Systems Shuriken Cell – Final Form Throbbing Gristle – 20 Jazz Funk Greats Clara Hope feat Amamanita Axaxaxanax Glass Seer – Test Tube Baby Divide and Dissolve – Resistance Leitmotiv Limbo – State of Trance Eyes More Skulls Than Eyes – Alturist Skinny Puppy […]

the dolly rocker movement – follow the sound the far outs – last night mracle workers – already gone civic – chase the dragon the moodists – gone dead the go-betweens – cattle and cain the dagoes – ten years on the midnight mares – sparks! (then the rain came down) david bowie – across […]

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