Caramel Wednesdae

Le Forte Four – Japanese Super Heros Royal Trux – Lunch Money amamanita axaxaxanax glass seer, MXMARS – Visioenen (amamanita axaxaxanax glass seer remix) Bongomwizardmountain – Ume II Eugene Chadbourne – Music From Canadasmania: a. Light My Fire, b. Workingman Blues Ramones – Let’s Dance Tardis Retardis – Peter Brady’s Volcano Volcano Cleaner – I […]

Ween – Spirit Walker SLAYERORGANA – Just Smile and Wave New 7th Music & The Exploding Headband – Ashes Of Time & Promise: Forgotten Time DEB5000 – Termite Queen Fraudband – (I’ve Got an) Eastern Block Royal Snooze – Daisy Throbbing Gristle – Live at Brighton The ONOS – Banned at Metro The Kinks – […]

Henry Rollins – Can You Speak This Pigasus – LOST IN THE SAUCE Eugene Chadbourne – Hippies and Cops amamanita axaxaxanax glass seer – unpowerful Day For Caroline – No One’s Hit The Jackpot – cats & dogs Royal Snooze – I’m Not a Nurse New Age Doom and Tuvaband – New Orders Album Megamix […]

Petunia-Liebling Mac Pumpkin with Norwood Grimes – Smile, Little Lieblings (It’s Magic!) Hoot McKloot – Gun Barnes & Barnes – The Public Toilet Troatt – Urine Fumes history of trees – In the dream Ephemerons – Nostromo don morrison – i just don’t know Gunter Schickert – Puls 5 sided cube – lachie is sightreading […]

mudhoney – tom herman’s hermits 5 sided cube – just joshin violeta garcia – lobo Guillaume – Sugar Is It eraserhead – ot The Norbu Pellets – Gherkin Legs kelsey mines – gogogo Big Richard Insect – Animals Amon Duul – Der Garten Sandosa Im Morgentau Mieko Shiomi – Direction Music For A Pianist

solar return – exploration yoshi wada – lip vibrator eddie prevost – solo Petunia-Liebling Mac Pumpkin with Norwood Grimes – Drummssdulville ukulele death squad – movies ernie althoff – five lid gongs and extras Annexus Quam – d

Subterranean Death Trap – Plug Abolished – Visions scarcophagus – Weapon of Choice voyager – promise voyager – gren (fearless in love)

voyager – on the run from the world johnny adams – henry’s dream Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – brother my cup is empty Jeph Jerman/Ted Byrnes – Mill of Stupidity gun it – gun it Thomas McCarthy – The Wicklow Mountains High The Echo Chamber – Bounty Hunter Violeta Garcia – Decidir Ros […]

Vlad & Rei – To Nick In Texas Those Magnificent Screaming Bastards – I’ll Cut Your Head Off Bastard Brayden McKay Welffer – Old, the Clothed Interlude glen and the peanut butter men – going away Illegal Crowns – Osmosis Crown Dollsquad – Cave gurl beasts of bourbon – I don’t care about nothing anymore […]

Shining – Fight Dusk with Dawn Throbbing Gristle – Camera Bauhaus – The Three Shadows (part 1) Sette Bello – Helen the Boat (the woman who thought her boat was a woman) SUpersilent – 3.1 Volcano CLeaner – Don’t Take any notice Mertcury Rev – Diamonds Bevis Frond – Into the Cryptic Mist True Radical […]

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