Caramel Wednesdae

Machine Gun Fellatio – Drugsex Jake Wark – Campfire Messed Up – Bad Girls Choose Freedom Jarvis Cocker – Homewrecker! Mal Blum – The Shrink Thinks merzbow – 4 Jalang & Unsanitary Napkin – Thorns in thy Womb Lothario – Drunk Fuck gravel face racer – dont be afraid antarctic beast – cold mystery at […]

..and you will know us by the Trail of Dead – Isis unveiled Bent Knee – Illterate spiderbait – arse huggin pants Magazine – The Light Pours Out of Me fencepost – catgut IV Hate Force Five – Sixty Nine chefkirk – reductive hollywood vampires – no way to pussycat Demon Pig – The Intemperance […]

The Fuck Machine – Squat On A Dildo The Blood Sucking Freaks – In The Head Guillaume – I Can’t Speak juliette ward – jesse Wednesday 13 – Runnin’ Down A Dream frenzal rhomb – cruelty to animals Mexican Blood Egg – pony ghost hunter Masonna – Inner Mind Mystique 3 fire witch – come […]

The Dacios – Monkeys Blood SMEGMA – Front Row Lloyd Schkeuditzer Kreuz – Ratchet Demon Pig – The intemperance and divinity of the swine Eyes More Skull than Eyes – Abyssal Torment Rendezvous HAGOL – WDDP

LINGUA IGNOTA – I AM THE BEAST haarp – If They Were Men Stoner Kebab – Superdoom Witchhelm – Wytchwood Frowning – Murdered By Grief Electric Wizard – Dunwich

Slayer Organa – Fun Dum Machine Music Mournful Congregation – Silence of the Passed Big Richard Insect – Weird And The Melanoma Are now Holding Hands in Solidarity on the Sweaty Back of the Naked Dictator – Don’t Tell Me The Ending Penny Dreadfuls – Our Way or The Highway Hana & Jessie-Lee’s Bad Habits […]

Daughty Gerkinwater – pt 1 The Moon Bardo Pond – Amen lumpzucker – Happy Boy-Sittin By The River heddjob – cave lurk What A Smell – Oral Ejaculation Snakefinger – The Spot Aquifer – Little Big Horn Electric Bill Robinson – No One as Gentle as You Les Rallizes Denudes – The Last One (1970) […]

Jim E Brown – I’m Going To Australia Aloe Vittoria – For You Andy Burns – Ghost Discus Andy Burns – Roadrunner Jim E Brown – Fish Fingers Jim E Brown – I Felt the Dental Hygienist’s Pregnant Belly Rubbing Against My Elbow Gary Wilson – Marshmellow Man Cindy Lee – Dreams Of You Sparks […]

The Beach Boys – Everybody Wants To LIve / Be My Baby / LIfe Is For The Living / It’s Trying To Say Baseball’s On (Medley) Walt Harrah and Friends – Life Is Just A Bowl of Cherries Ambrose and his Orchestra – Yes Yes Yes (My Baby Said Yes) Caroll Gibbons – The moon […]

pusa – love everybody basty h – holden hill leitmotiv limbo – parading brutality buggirl – feline ratm – How I Could Just Kill a Man The Legendary Pink Dots – Nine Shades To The Circle The League of Automatic Music Composers – Pedal With Twitter Taipan Tiger Girls – L’Eclisse

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