Oscillate Wildly

The Smiths – Oscillate Wildly The Chills – Heavenly Pop Hit The Mutton Birds – Anchor Me Tiny Ruins with Hamish Kilgour – Tread Softly Wall Of Voodoo – Do It Again Wall Of Voodoo – Far Side Of Crazy Split Enz – Shark Attack Crank Williams And Patsy DeCline – My Love Forever More […]

The Smiths – Oscillate Wildly H Hawkline – Milk For Flowers Royal Snooze – Rowboat Snooper – Subdivision Peaches – AAXXX Girl Scout – Weirdo The Nude Party – Ride On Jeff Beck/Johnny Depp – Sad Motherfucking Parade Jess Johns – Should’ve Done Grace Cummings – Heaven Mindy Meng Wang – Body of Water Screamfeeder […]

The Smiths – Oscillate Wildly belle of chaos – dead flowers The El Caminos – Calhoun Surf Surf! Terror! Panic! – mystery moose and banana hammock The Stems – At First Sight The Spikes – She’s Melting L7 – Shove Nina Hagen – United Women of the World (with Lene Lovich and Liz Mitchell) Horse […]

The Smiths – Oscillate Wildly Tubular Army – Are ‘Friends’ Electric? The Feelies – It’s Only Life Blam Blam Blam – Don’t Fight It Marshia, It’s Bigger Than Both Of Us Crank Williams and Patsy Decline – State’s Most Wanted Man Richmond Fontaine – The Boyfriends Halfway – Ghostline Ricky Albeck – Going Up The […]

The Smiths – Oscillate Wildly Kelly Brouhaha – Poets Troubadours & Me Pine Point – Clint Alexander Black Band – Playing the Game Molly Rocket – Asphalt Bad//Dreems – Mansfield 6.0 Coldwave – Buster american public – roadside picnic Marcello – Tangents Bortier Okoe – Nokomba ( Something Is Coming ) Anya Anastasia – Smog […]

The Smiths – Oscillate Wildly Echo & The Bunnymen – The Killing Moon X – Ray Spex – Oh Bondage Up Yours Pel Mel – No Word From China The Chills – Kaleidoscope World The Clean – Beatnick Don McGlashan – This Is London Don McGlashan – John Bryce Dead Roo – Nick Of Time […]

Tenacious D – Jesus Jagwar Ma – The Throw Sink Ya Teeth – If You See Me Little Birdy – Relapse Live at the Enmore Ween – Little Birdy Green Circles – Shaken and Stirred The Systemaddicts – ’til The Night Is Quiet The Molting Vultures – Rock n Roll Emergency Bruce Springsteen – State […]

The Smiths – Oscillate Wildly Little Simz – Speed Little Simz – Point & Kill Beastie Boys – Rhyme The Rhyme Well BARKAA – Blak Matriarch Dry Cleaning – No Decent Shoes for Rain Cable Ties – Choking To Choose Kae Tempest – Nothing To Prove split system – Way Out Shrimpwitch – Smokey Business […]

The Smiths – Oscillate Wildly Los Palms – Cadillac Maisie – Jungle Berry Electrelane – Bells IO Audio Recordings – Awaiting The Eliptical Drift Crocodylus – Can’t Understand Goldstein – Lucias (about central market sisters Nicci and Maria and mother Lucia) BIG TOWN – Half Days The Native Cats – Run With The Roses Sonic […]

The Smiths – Oscillate Wildly Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – White Elephant Robert Forster – She’s A Fighter Dirty Three – Horse Los Palms – Sunday Death Drive Skamp Vera – Heavenly Curse Somnium – Miss Fiasco Tropical Fuck Storm – Satanic Slumber Party part 2 Bikini Kill – Reject All American Lucy – […]

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