Mystery Train

The Stranglers – Golden Brown Spiderbait – Buy Me A Pony Dialogue – Muriel’s Wedding Moby – Run On Plan B – Anything At All Maisie – Hot Juice Maisie – Jungle Berry The Uglies – Double Sexy Man Iggy Pop – All The Way Down Jet & Iggy Pop – censored version The Living […]

Shag Rock – Coconut Tiles – Red Wine Tkay Maidza – Cashmere Benee – Snail Ball Park Music – Sunscreen Art of Sleeping – If only you could ease my mind DICE – Stop Sign Mums Favourite – Jellyfish Rain The Jungle Giants – You’ve got something Glowing – Cameo Oscar the Wild – My […]

The Dunes – Going Under Andras and Oscar – I know what you want Heaps Good Friends – I could eat a full packet of yo-go’s The Saucermen – Not of this world Elsy Wameyo – River Nile Hey Harriet – Hearts in the ocean Mary Webb – Every time I fall Sympathy Orchestra – […]

The MASTERS APPRENTICES – Turn Up Your Radio Ray Stevens – Turn Your Radio On The Audreys – paradise city (radio edit) Chris Franklin – Jack Off Australia tripod – star big kev wars average – stuff you The Beards – Damn thats a nice beard Amelia Ryan – Piece of shit car the zombeatles […]

Glass Skies – In the Mood The Streamliners – One Too Many Nights Flowertruck – I wanna be with you Tara Coates – Rain The Rance Allen Group – Lying On the Truth Mo’Ju – Change has to come The Bamboos – On the sly Bearded Gypsy Band – Cubana Rockmelons – Rhymes Alice Skye […]

Tiny Little Grandeur – Relax and Breathe John Martyn – Fairy Tale Lullaby Fleur Green and the Keepers – Pretty Bird Somnium – Truth Sets Me Free Rob Edwards – Lonely Lover Labi Siffre – I Got The… Kozmik Landing – Wretched Soul Lady Strangelove – Sweet Exchange Tilly Tjala Thomas – Ngana Nyunyi The […]

DMA’s – delete Dick Diver – Alice Deadstar – don’t it get you down Dead Roo – Nick Of Time darts of pleasure – elixir Mia Dyson – Fool Dr. John – (Everybody Wanna Get Rich) Rite Away Dirty Three – sometimes I forget you’ve gone Department S – Is Vic there? DEVO – (I […]

Blondie – Die Young Stay Pretty Dead Can Dance – Dreans Made Flesh Critical Mass – This is Dreaming Emily Crompton – Experiments of the Loving Kind Blondie – Dreaming Andrew Waslyck – Dreamt in the Current of Leafless Winter Strange Tenants – Dreaming of You Silonics – Homebuyers Dream Delicasteez – Day Dreaming Charlie […]

Fred Astereo – Vera The Superjesus – Over and Out Major Tom and The Atoms – Last Dance of the Lizard King The Pretty Towers – Beach Medley The Melting Vultures – Triggs Beach Nonnie – Beach Lights The Cockroaches – Hey What Now Joshy Willo and the Kingfishers – Rain Aretha – Groovin’ Eurythmics […]

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