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Eliza Hull – Running Underwater L-Fresh The Lion – Born To Stand Out Hilltop Hoods – The Nosebleed Section Def Leopard – Pour Some Sugar On Me Rednex – Cotton Eye Joe Electric Fields – Don’t You Worry Sheldon Riely – Not The Same Nat Luna – Cupid Boy (sped up) Red Gum – One […]

The Sisters of Invention – Better Me Tralala Blip – Away From You Morgan Evans – Day Drunk Sugar Tounge – Led Astray Dianne Schuur – I’m Not Ashamed To Sing The Blues Sting – Fields of Gold Quirkestra – Black Blue & Wild Dog vs. Security Dog (Dogs of Adelaide, Pt. 1) Ray Charles […]

Moby – Porcelain All India Radio – Beginnings Part 1 Jenny Biddle – Long Cold Winter’s Day Anya Anastasia – Smog and Mirrors Alana Jagt – Fishing Song Lizzie Hosking – Stress You Out The Cherry Pickers – To Her Door Emma Swift – Simple Twist of Fate Kristy Cox – Train Bec Taylor and […]

The La’s – Timeless Melody Coldwave – No Conflict The Cure – M Wing Defence – C4 Miles Bitchspawn – Yell Divinyls – Boys In Town Church Moms – Fight Me! Bjork – Enjoy My Cherie – Just Another Song About Love DARLING. – Illusions The Dandy Warhols – Boys Better The Midnight Mares – […]

Sebastian Tellier – Look Imperial Broads – Same Old Gypsy Lou and the Kingfishers – From The Grey Into The Red Southpaw – Sweet Avalon Kane and Stu Patterson – Dreamers Isadora’s Dream – Morning Song Totally Mild – From One Another The Church – The Unguarded Moment The Cherry Pickers – Under The Milky […]

New York Dolls – Trash Warpaint – Undertow Naomi Keyte – Hard To Make Plans Workhorse – Desert Coldwave – No Conflict Cable Ties – Change Hey Harriett – Hearts in the Ocean Jen Lush – Lovers Parting, Dawn The Midnight Mares – Heads I Stay PJ Harvey – A Noiseless Noise Morrissey – Satan […]

Blue States – For A Lifetime Charm of Finches – The Bridge Alex Lahey – You’ll Never Get Your Money Back Angie McMahon – Knowing Me, Knowing You Oscar the Wild – Pinch Me Please Mika El Inspire Wonder – Unrealistic Reality Natasha Crestani – Supergirl Joe Cocker – First We Take Manhattan Martha Wainwright […]

Tori Amos – Past The Mission Slowdive – Dagger My Cherie – Rose In the Garden Cocteau Twins – My Love Paramour Elsy Wameyo – Time Flies Cash Savage & The Last Drinks – $600 short on the rent Party Dozen – Macca The Mutt (feat. Nick Cave) Siouxsie and the Banshees – Dazzle Siouxsie […]

The Cure – Lullaby Miles Recommends – Already Gone Lujza – Melody Jane Birkin – La Chanson de Prevert Ebony Emili – Freeloader Natasha Bianca – Missing You Molly Rocket – Asphalt The Boys next Door – These Boots Are Made For Walking Boyd Rice and Friends – I’d Rather be Your Enemy Alex Kapranos […]

Jane Birkin & Bryan Ferry – In Every Dream Home A Heartache Coda Chroma – I’m Not Fighting It Jen Lush – Icon – song 1 The Sundays – A Certain Someone Pinch Points – Pave Me Maisie – Overflow Sarah Blasko – We Won’t Run Slowdive – Alison Just Mustard – Still Siouxsie and […]

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