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the avalanches – fronttiser psychiatrist night riders – den snap to zero – beat is a drug deadstar – run baby run alcohol licks – coz i luv you regulator – black bugs cold wave – twenty two the empty – boys in the gutter rocket science – run like a gun universal dust – […]

redhook – off with your head the story of – intersection veebees – fair dikurn rock n roll Lucy – queen of nothing pollyanna – hilltop green veebees – fair drikum rock n roll laced in lust – over the sea fluffy – no one but you skunk annie – i can dream portishead – […]

the superjesus – money we’re in for love pool toys – you want make me cheat on my gf lily and drum – highway of life bitch prefect – bad decisions kelshy – beer for breakfast the villenttes – i met a boy planb – she dosent do crazy brads brew – mask and gun […]

the lazy eye – black hill the whitlams – no aphrisac spiderbait – calypso the superjuses – money were only in for love the ugless – pyamind wish my life was a movie iiheart – no empty thrat tori amos – cornflake girl max sharm – coma mums think blue – green surf terror panic […]

the superjesus – money [were only in it for love renee gayer – from now on sliverchair – tomrrow los palms – sunday death drive the dairy brothers – south austlian beane athem the mavis’s – nurghty boy suszi quatro – 48 cash emma luker – blue poles the uglies – make me dsumb ben […]

the amcats – when i wake up gunn be there July 14 – souls on fire magic dirt – pace it dead roo – nick of time blood plastic – you dont need another song jet – hay kids luscious Jackson – naked eyes the ramons – rockway beach the ramons – we happy family […]

the aves – summer in my back yard surf terror panic – surf mamma special patrol – enough already power monkeys – black and blue los palms – just a sin loaded billy – i turn to stone the cruel sea – the honey moons over johnny o O’Keeffe – the wild one hot chick […]

bend – sms psycho green – freeway magic dirt – i love rain dead roo – high price enima tro – road works ahead spud gun – spud hop jebidah – harpin the bitter end – i need you laurel and the painkiller – bad luck comes in three missmissgenius – i dont wanna be […]

drity suite – dosent mean your ecstasy jebediah – star machine fuffdy – boys club ben gel – not just another riot siderbait – buy me a pony superjesus – so lonely luna magnet – hope them i want too you am i – wake up LASH – take me away millecoin – no cigar […]

swamp kitten – you dont know bucko & champs – Aussie jingle bells blood plastic – ghost of love sour sob – new would old ashes BABES ARE WOLVES – wait baterz – target air conditioner pine point – stranger skin bug girl – nothing Rebecca empire – empty dead roo – high price bit […]

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