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phoebe brigegers – waiting room ed kubpper – electric storm underground lovers – loooking for rain the yellow wallpaper – tell me too beg the jesus lizard – glamours t Rex – calling all destroyer the blind herd – crossing the dead heart the druges – the bold and beautiful blackpenny – dont tell people […]

the superjesus – lights out queen of the stone age – emotion sickens emergency crank radio – say anything night rites – waiting for my spaceman cowboy junkies – what i lost London grammar – baby its you the chemical brothers – no reason old baby – playboy soursob bob – centerlink the yerlings – […]

5 sided cube – typer tape iggy pop & stooges – raw power big heavy stuff – white flag the superjessus – down again the ugles – baby on the leash marilyn mason – the beautiful people the mavis”s – naughty boy suzi quatro – 48 crash ptl – the absolute end of the world […]

yearlings – gone are the days hagol – hate bloom – rock school the cockroaches – shes the one the amcats – truck shop bloom – wake up hoo gurus – whats my scene midnight oils – dont want to be the one little ice age – outer contol grass stains – tone of voice […]

down and out – paper skin belly – feed the tree the gamma rays – the rocket man the art of flying kites – keep on pigsus – three bird detectve – another wasted Sunday big heavy stuff – big mouth athlliec teenage jogges – birds magic dirt – ice custard – girls like that […]

AC/DC – soul stripper the offspring – come out to play spud gun – spud hop cop shop – retun of th fuzz west thebarton – George Michel the lab – i will find you Tex perking and the fat rubber band – brand new man hunky punkes – drink it all little red – […]

witch split – daddy pornland – in and out of hilltop hoods – clown prince Jessica luxx – heavy lifting mudhoney – the lucky ones isabel rumble – bird be braver kelshy – beer for breakfast roadside slasher – control Sarah maclod – privet school kid dead man ink – hate this town willam street […]

Emily Cole – run scared wired little guys – south Australia cream feeder – gravity tori Amos – cornflakes girl Tex Perkins and the fat rubber band – noboady owes you nothing fluffy – boys club the social surgeons – landlord sons of zoku – earth chat sliverchair – tomrrow angelik – last worlds Isabel […]

lilly and the drum – rain dance molly rocket – rabbit hole violet harlot – demon girl beast of bourbon – chase the dragon blow up Betty – i forget cosmic storm – hay girl cull the band – burn in hell last days of kali – goodbye killing heidi – astral boy tumbleweed – […]

lola – billionaire aura – piece alright west theb – gorge Michael surf terror panic – surf mumma masters apprentices – turn up your radio crazy joe – clocksucker nokturnl – new ear pj Harvey – the wicked tongue papa roach – dead cell Florence + machine – just girl sulker – naughty flying colours […]

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