Four Larks and a Wren

jim white – static on the radio jacques demmierre & martina brodbeck – about a thousand years megzbow & vinegar tom – bowed grandmother hcae – spring birds dusk frogs october liz hanks – meer​ ​(​boundary) andy guthrie – a2. eulogy david toop & lawrence english – abyssal tracker cabbaggage – m. 337: radio little […]

jim white – static on the radio darren cross – vhs frying delphine dora & michel henritzi – automne transfiguré little cloud – mo​(​u​)​rning euphoria wooden tape – dandy eyes penelope trappes – the lapse of months and days keira simmons – elision willebrant – some things considered jet jaguar – griselinea lucida nichola scrutton […]

jim white – static on the radio christopher luna-mega – la lluvia y la sequ​í​a panoptique electrical – quiet forty seven karen vogt – amidst the sea fog darren cross – vhs frying delphine dora & michel henritzi – melancolia the declining winter – yellow fields willebrant – luna keith & hollie kenniff – there […]

jim white – static on the radio manja ristić – kuda plovi ovaj brod? where is this ship sailing? panoptique electrical – the sorrow slows penelope trappes – A Seagull Learns To Sleep Alone willebrant – small picture hanging little cloud – drowning leighton craig – bloom amy cutler – until (anthropocene hearts) okkyung lee […]

jim white – static on the radio kurodama – we’ve been living here for three years now fields we found – petals florigenix – music for temporary weightlessness roma vjazemski – waiting for her to get ready penelope trappes – heavenly spheres amy cutler – the swirl, reprise nichola scrutton – circles svitlana nianio – […]

jim white – static on the radio from a harbour softly drawn & andrew wild – blank spots penelope trappes – away from tidal waves nichola scrutton – pulsing light natalia beylis – new potatoes little cloud – some rain must fall lite falls – last month, waiting panoptique electrical – quiet forty three laila […]

jim white – static on the radio maria moles – a spark, a reminder nick turner – under dark pines lesley mok – floral and full rob st. john – midsummer little cloud – the story of a new name hamish napier feat. karen hodgson pryce – anguilla anguilla, (poem) lee hannah – hurstbridge penelope […]

jim white – static on the radio gubia – lukisee / no se parecen/…. lee hannah – kitchen andrew ford (jenny duck-chong james larsen) – hymn of the garden natalia beylis – voices from graceland, sligo extinction room – tristan albatross (Diomedea dabbenena) cedrik fermont – mesmerising basilisks maps and diagrams – erbe paul cousins […]

the loop orchestra – bride natalia beylis & eimear reidy – whistling dust the moon mountaineer – cumulus eyes benedict drew – gloaming at the streams alex mader – you promised the declining winter – yellow fields delphine dora – mirage du temps eidon – voce lee hannah – salt nichola scrutton – aria for […]

jim white – static on the radio lucy wood – cardogan pier, nth bank of the thames, spring 2023 the freedom collective – sunrise tjaabi lee hannah – dried rose hania rani – stampa delphine dora – intimo interior nichola scrutton – aria for voice and plastic assemblage manifesto – andrew tuttle dane law – […]

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