Four Larks and a Wren

jim white – static on the radio robert iolini – goddesses & rabbits kate carr – one piece of cake (a banana cake​)​, and remembered excavations lisa illean, aura go, emma mcGrath, tilman robinson, australian national academy of music – arcing, stilling, bending, gathering: II panoptique electrical – for bells karen vogt – cloud fifty […]

jim white – static on the radio lisa lerkenfeldt – cobwebs (extended) amby downs – pink cliffs willebrant – sands VI (caravan) jan jelinek – Max Ernst, this is the first time in 25 years that you’ve returned to your old home town, to the cathedral in Cologne, right? laurence pike – introit broken chip […]

jim white – static on the radio gretchen miller – inland kate carr – amid waterbirds and joggers, Staines​-​upon​-​Thames old amica – klorofyll broken chip – kelpie point lisa lerkenfeldt – halo amby downs – agriculture megan alice clune – PE44CE e4444e – what’s so cool sheida gharachedaghi & mohammad reza aslani – hope arises […]

jim white – static on the radio sarah hennies – lake richie culver – difficult amby downs – henty bay deep sea data – i’m crawling transmission 13 – leictreonaic natalia beylis – the roots of the mountain ash embrace the stone (excerpt) lisa lerkenfeldt – even the walls have a voice (with martyna basta) […]

christos hatzis & keith horner – footprints in new snow jim white – static on the radio natalia beylis – interviews with participants of the leitrim sweathouse project. lisa lerkenfeldt – ripples form in a black temporary lake MAbH (mortuus auris & the black hand) – praying don’t work clair – love with jude rogers […]

jim white – static on the radio rik rue – the harbour breathes tashi wada – what is not strange? daniel schrage – once upon a time penelope trappes – harmonic No. 1 loren connors & david grubbs – the pacific school Iceboy Violet, Nueen – heartbreak of a broken stitch (Intro) feat. harriet morley […]

jim white – static on the radio manja ristić – tape for ring ring grey malkin & fogroom – as it began gianmaria Aprile – T​•​A​•​R megan alice clune – mountaineer (live) joep beving & maarten vos – 02​:​07 iksre – grey heavy cloud – upon your gaze the flowers sleep willebrant – sands l […]

jim white – static on the radio the lonely bell – benjamin’s dream penelope trappes – harmonic no. 1 iksre – bittersweet megan alice clune – puffy (llve) karen vogt – cloud forty​-​four lisa lerkenfeldt – improvisation in a drain (with abby sundborn) mike cooper & jason kolàr – mirage dance pageant maciej wirmański – […]

jim white – static on the radio kim v. goldsmith – humi lisa lerkenfeldt – limestone (damp earth remix) low flung – text mantua – seek you out iksre – another storm will wash me clean tim koch – reef cycle (forrest version) megan alice clune – a flash in the pan (live) heavey cloud […]

jim white – static on the radio the moon mountaineer – the fire – song for the billion tides – Frond joseph branciforte &theo bleckmann – 10​.​11​.​5 stephanie lamprea – metaphysics michelle moeller – sender low flung – text heavy cloud – how strange a season iksre – it was never meant to be this […]

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