Drivel Drive

the RETREADS – it’s raining (& i’m waiting) thee SILVER JUBILEE MEMORIAL BIG BAND featuring TASMANIA – so hot in here BLEEDING HEARTS – rats in the sky AVANT GARDENERS – tundra FKN TUTTS – jess song the IRON TRIANGLE – – thee OH SEES – ruby go home SALO – – TRUCK TRAIN TRACTOR […]

LES GOOLIES – jackie’s caravan SWELL MAPS – the helicopter spies CRASS – big a little a CORNERSHOP – born disco died heavy metal the TRIFFIDS – my baby thinks she’s a train CORRUPT FRUIT – that train FIONA BEVERAGE – faux pas ROB SNARSKI – will’s blues SNARSKICIRCUSLINDYBAND – since i slept with you,everybody […]

SUPERSUCKERS – born with a tail HOSS – the tiredest man awake BLUE OYSTER CULT – cities on flame with rock and roll the POP GROUP – thief of fire SEBADOH – punching myself in the face repeatedly, publically ROYAL TRUX – map of the city HOME FOR the DEF – high school on a […]

PJ HARVEY – to bring you my love ROWLAND S HOWARD – the golden age of bloodshed BILL CALLAHAN & BONNIE ‘PRINCE’ BILLY feat MATT SWEENEY – od’d in denver SONGS:OHIA – ring the bell the ARTISANS – the bin song WINTERMIND – icarus ANNA MARIA LOUISA THERESA – john farnham is satan/i don’t know […]

BUTTHOLE SURFERS – goofy’s concern MELVINS – honey bucket WIPERS – d7 RUDIMENTARY PENI – pig in a blanket SPUTNIKS – second glance HOOT McKLOOT – babylon time CLOWNS of DECADENCE – yo great obscurity PRICE of SILENCE – on fire KRANKTUS – sperm IRON SHEIKS – rubba lubba MEATBEATERS – name of the father […]

the MOLES – nailing jesus to the cross the BLEEDING HEARTS – easter weekend breakdown JULIAN COPE – easter everywhere the EXPLOITED – jesus is dead GUITAR WOLF – fujiyama attack LOLA – all my friends are dead PERDITION – blood runs red the RAMONES – beat on the brat RADIO BIRDMAN – hand of […]

LAST DAYS of KALI – diaspora BLOOD PLASTIC – holding pattern NIGHT RITES – den LEE RANALDO & the DUST – ambulancer ALAN LICHT – jump BLACK FLAG – thirsty & miserable WITCH – 1000 mph RAT CAGE – cold furnace PUNTER – a minute’s silence PANGAYAW – watch them burn CUM – the mad […]

LIZARD TRAIN – feel the water LOOP – interference COMETS ON FIRE – whiskey river MDOU MOCTAR – nakanegh dich CRIME & the CITY SOLUTION – five stone walls CORNERSHOP – england’s dreaming G.L.O.S.S. – trans day of revenge LONGHORN – come and talk to me LONGHORN – peace & quiet the HIGH BEAMERS – […]

the WEIRDOS – life of crime BLOWERS – wipe my ass TAXI GIRLS – i fall apart RON RUDE – films of ecstacy COSMIC PSYCHOS – go the hack SPLIT SYSTEM – it ain’t you TWINE – seachange NUMBSKULLS – mosquito COSMIC PSYCHOS – go the hack RAT CATCHER – wide open road HAGOL – […]

BLACK FLAG – six pack MINUTEMEN – i felt like a gringo HUSKER DU – i’ll never forget you DESCENDENTS – bikeage MEAT PUPPETS – lake of fire PATRIARCHAL DEATH MACHINE – white rose DISCHARGE – never again FLUX of PINK INDIANS – tube disaster ACTION PACT – london bouncers PURLING HISS – drag on […]

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