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Andy Salvanos – Sun’s Rising Elixir – River Man key grip – no use crying maria callas – bellini: come per me sereno Thelma Plum – The Brown Snake Ebony Emili – Can You Hear Me Now Shadow Ministers – Spider Quirkestra – The Hey Hey Heys patrick wilson – rosemary hana and jessie-lee’s bad […]

Andy Salvanos – Sun’s Rising The Cherry Pickers – Just Like Fire Would Kate Battersby – Trap the Water, Track the Sun Ebony Emili – Your Mum Is Calling Trav Collins – Cold Fire The Bluescasters – walking on sunset Bella Taylor Smith – Tunnel Vision Aaron Thomas – Any more Emily Davis – lighthouse […]

Andy Salvanos – Sun’s Rising Danish String Quartet – Shine You no More Noriko Tadano – Jongara Dancing Crooked Road – Heartbreak Town Gleny Rae Virus and her Playboys – My Folks Archie Roach – No No No Redgum – The Diamantina Drover (Cut To The Quick 12” EP) Mark Curtis and the Flannelettes – […]

Chloe Veronica – Movie Scene Chloe Veronica – Wake me up Steve and Mike Foenander – Night and Day Tex Perkins and the Fat Rubber Band – Place in the Sun Paul Kelly – Adelaide Carla Lippis – You Will Be Happy Lowrider – Here We Go Phillip Noack – Pretty Machines Sia – Clap […]

Andy Salvanos – Sun’s Rising The Satellites – It Don’t Bother Me None Sweeney – Lonely Faces Naomi Keyte – Travelling Woman Bird Detective – BPA free Shambolics – Waxies Dargle Anya Anastasia – Losing Wild Glen Skuthorpe – Where is the ocean? Jo Fabro – Song for C.T. Zhao Lian – Kyo-Shu Dave Graney […]

Ziggy Marley + The Melody Makers – Everyone Wants To Be Budos Rising – Budos Rising Gilberto Gil – Guerra Santa Pongo – Kuzola Leenalchi – Tiger Is Coming Folk Bitch Trio – Analogue Van Morrison – Cyrpus Avenue Florence & The Machine – The Dog Days Are Over Siobahn Owen – An Hini A […]

Bowerbird Collective – Invisible Connections The Sound Pool 1. – Musica Electronica Viva Bowerbird Collective – Dawn Chorus Alexander Flood – Starseed (feat. Vivienne Sessoms) Bortier Okoe – Dzeng Sane Baajo Nii Aflah – Ko Bebi AC5, Stanje, Aldeen, Veeflexx – Today NA Today Elsy Wameyo – Nilotic Sons of Zoku – In All The […]

Andy Salvanos – Sun’s Rising Nathan Hui-Yi – To My Friend, I Miss You (feat. Zach Stolz) Emily Wurramara – Tap Sticks Don Morrison – Grand Junction Road Axe & the Ivory – Find It liz stringer – if you mean it Eugene Chadbourne with Duck Baker and Randy Hutton – White with foam Anna […]

Andy Salvanos – Sun’s Rising Chris Finnen Band – Fool No more Goldheist – Wild Things The Royal High Jinx – Take These Blues Away Khristiann Mizzi – World Turns Doctor Desoto – Torchlight Song The beggars – Mornington Ride Ben Salter – Strangers John Williamson – Buddy and Slim Souzi and the Cool Mints […]

Andy Salvanos – Sun’s Rising Naomi Keyte – Hard To Make Plans Carus Thompson – Imperfect Circle The Water Runners – Fire in the Stone Tom Harrington – Be There Soon Pale Cousin – A Stranger at Home soursob bob – two and a dog Sophia Loren – Che M’E’Mparato A Fa’ Slim Dime – […]

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