Get Involved

So, you want to know more about Three D Radio? Perhaps you want to become an announcer yourself or help keep the station on air?

That’s Great!

The first step towards getting involved is coming along to an information session which lasts for about 90 minutes. From there, we select new trainees based on the current needs of the station, such as specific vacant timeslots we need to fill, musical genres we think are missing from our broadcast, and jobs/roles that we need filled in order to keep running smoothly.

The next information session at Threed Radio Tuesday August 28 2018 at 7.00 pm. Please register as soon as possible as numbers are limited to 25 people. After the information session, we will accept registrations of interest from people who would like to get involved in the operation of the radio station. 

Registrations Closed.

Unfortunately we're all booked out for this information session. Don't worry though, Three D will be holding more information sessions during the year, so you'll have another chance.


There’s more to running a radio station than talking on air!

At Three D, everyone is a volunteer. There are no paid staff. There’s a lot more involved in running a radio station than doing a show. This means we look for people with a variety of skills. Not everyone who helps out at Three D even wants a show, but everyone involved helps with the running of the station.

Some of the skills Three D needs include:

  • Administration and book keeping skills
  • Reception duties
  • Electronics installation, repair, and maintenance
  • Sales and marketing
  • Carpentry
  • Event management
  • Audio Production
  • Graphic Design
  • Live sound mixing
  • Systems administration
  • Heaps more!

If you would like to help with running a radio station, whether or not you have an interest in being an on-air announcer, there could be a place for you at Three D Radio.

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