The Passenger

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The Hype – New Sector Movements Tell Mama – Honey

Iggy Pop – The Passenger Shaolin Afronauts – Rumba Cyclique Gordon Koang – Stand Up (Clap Your Hands) Khruangbin – Shades of Man Gorof (Elixir) – Dur Dur Band feat. Sahra Dawo Slowmango – Manuka Forssa Saeeda – The Scorpians, Saif Abu Bakr Caravan – In The Land Of Grey & Pink Maryam Rahmani – […]

Scott Simon – White Fur G T Stringer – Sputnik Sons of Zoku – Sacred Sun Shines on Everyone Neil Murray – Sing Your Destiny Carla Lippis – You Will Be Happy Sue Baker – Time To Act Beatrice Cole – Run Radial Quartet – Yeji Dream Sequence Steve Ashley – All That Glitters Alexander […]

Billie Holiday – I’ll Be Seeing You Joni Mitchell – Both Sides, Now Fletcher – Body Is Bible Peach PRC – Loved You Before Bec Stevens – Three Dyas Renee Rapp – Tattoos MUNA – Anything But Me Alieysha – Falling For You Hozier – Talk Gang of Youths – Achilles Come Down Halsey – […]

Birdmen Paradoxyl – Summertime This is the Kit – Hotter Colder Freya Lani – Healing Bindi Blacher – Fall Forever Janda King – It Is What It Is Werdna – How Curtains Felt Fundamental Shift – Phantasmagoria Karnivool – All I Know PJ Harvey – Joe Iron & Wine – Boy With A Coin David […]

Iggy Pop – The Passenger Pan-Amerikan Native Front – Kiva Flames of Rebellion Dispossessed – Thronebreaker Zero Speed – Not That Nice Xian – Molten Metal Up Your Arse Cop Date – No Dates 4 Dead Cops Hextape – I Just Wanna Race Slim Set – Cooked Sevy x Bayang – Dogfight Makeda – Professors, […]

Iggy Pop – The Passenger Lucid Dream – exit underground the clowns of decadence – Tales from the riverbank Frontendloader – Trains AUSMUTEANTS – Kicked in the head by a horse Bleeding Hearts – Backgammon and the Orthodox Church Home For the Def – Hey Heather Hankwood and the Hammerheads – Lonely Old Mate – […]

Diamanda Galas – Double-Barrel Prayer Faith No More – Cuckoo For Ccaca St Morris Sinners – Zbilanc Sonic Youth – Drunken Butterfly Cocteau Twins – Fifty-Fifty Clowns I Paint With The Brush of Violence – Carla Lippis Sacri Couri – Una Danza Shaolin Afronauts – The Simien Fox Oranssi Pazuzu – Ilmestys Carla Lippis – […]

Iggy Pop – The Passenger Cat Tyson Hughes – Near Little Sea marine eyes – chamomile Panoptique Electrical – Doors Leading Where r.domain – The Remaining Warmth of your Absence Rebecca Bracewell – Aster and I Where Water Meets – Remnants Aviva Endean – Same River, Twice The Growth Eternal – XII. Pyre By Wildfire […]

Parliament – The Motor Booty Affair Christy Azuma & Uppers International – Naam Jesse Rae – The Thistle Fun Loving Criminals – Love Unlimited Martin L. Dumas Jr. – Attitude, Belief & Determination Warrior King – Rough Road Coloured Stone – Black Boy Spazmo – Hard Work Donald Byrd – Fallin’ Like Dominos

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