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Crank – Theme From Crank Devo – Gut Feeling Magazine – Real Life Herbie Hancock – Rockit Harry Nilsson – Jump into the fire Harry Howard & The NDE – How To Be Kind Kid Congo And The Pink Monkey Birds – Susu Sonic Youth – brave men run (in my family) Sonic Youth – […]

Crank – Theme From Crank Horrahedd – Happy Mud Me Horrahedd – Mallee Dust Freakout The Lo Yo Yo – More To Come Black Sabbath – Never Say Die Captain Beefheart&/and His Magic Band – Zig Zag Wanderer The Shades – Ballot Bachs The Marauders – Out of sight, out of mind Masters Apprentices – […]

Crank – Theme From Crank Department S – Is Vic There? Ded Nats – How To Keep Your Husband Happy Pop Group – We Are Time Gang Of Four – Natural’s Not In It Erase Errata – Dust The Yellow Wallpaper – Great Walks Rocky’s Pride And Joy – Your Hell Black Sabbath – Behind […]

roky erikson – creature with the atom brain micah p hison and the opera circuit – youre only lonely chelsea manor – predator jello biafra and the melvins – dawn of the locusts nick cave – the curse of milhaven that petrol emotion – for what its worth jessica luxx – the termple michael pearse […]

the daisy morsels – indulgences hells hoist – on the radio roxy music – out of the blue Kees bergsma – the schaenfreude purist the donnas – 40 oys in 40 nights the gels – prince albert (anyone can play) thge flamin groovies – have you seen my baby tomahawks – the reason why sonic […]

Crank – Theme From Crank The 745 – Bad Boy Rocky’s Pride And Joy – Your Hell(Embargo Sept. 8) Coldwave – Haircut Song Mudhoney – Almost Everything The Baroque Monthly – You Are Your Only Mystery The Grapes Of Wrath – Have A Good Time On Me The Zoo – 444(1969) Robert Starks – “Space […]

Crank – Theme From Crank Bit By Bats – Sir! Beat Sir Twine – Cleaner 2 Maraby Band – Plead Me Slack Elena Dakota – Coffee Almost Numan – Blockhead MC5 – Looking At You Devo – Freedom Of Choice Rudements – Imagination Roo Shooter – Hey Buddy Hit The Jackpot – Cats and dogs […]

Crank – Theme From Crank Budgie – in for the kill Wales Budgie – crash course in brain surgery Gillan – Spanish guitar Chequers – Manila The Pins – Burning Night Pool Toy – Coober Pedy The Barracudas – Subway Surfin’ The Barracudas – Love is fun The Damned – Follow Me The Damned – […]

Crank – Theme From Crank Cable Ties – Too Late Workhorse – Peace Wireheads – Persistent Resistence Dom &/and the Wizards – her majesty aristocracy The Shangs – Eleven(Eleven They will Never Solve)2022 N.Y.Dolls – Jet Boy N.Y.Dolls – Private World Adam Cirillo – A Bohemian’s Tale The Native Cats – John Sharp Toro Filthy […]

Crank – Theme From Crank David Bowie – Look Back In Anger David Bowie – Queen Bitch Ded Nats – How To Keep Your Husband Happy The Garden Path – Times(Out Of Mind) Dandelion Wine – The Park Japan – Ghosts Magic – Booked on a drunk charge Round – Powers of Darkness Hush – […]

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