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Don McGlashan – Lucky Stars Colin Hay – Beautiful World The Brothers Comatose – Ain’t No Grave With Charlie Parr Junior Parker – Sweet Home Chicago The Felice Brothers – Jazz On The Autobahn John Lee Hooker – Crawling King Snake Jen Cloher – Mana Takatupui Frente – Not Given Lightly David Kilgour – Nothing’s […]

Lachy Doley – Conviction Mavis Staples – You Are Not Alone Corey Harris – Sista Rosa Billy Bragg & Wilco – Again Th’ Law Grant-Lee Phillips – City Of Refuge Ed Kuepper – Do You Love Me Mark Lanegan – Brompton Oratory Wilco – Casino Queen Lucinda Williams – Factory Stromhorse – Tell Me Something […]

The Mighty Reapers – Haystacks Calhoon The Lachy Doley Group – Frankly My Dear I Don’t Give A Damn Dom and the Wizards – Ana’s Little City The Villenettes – Blood On The Table Spurs For Jesus feat Lo Carmen – Curtain Call GT Stringer – Captain Clutch Wanger’s Space Suit Wedgie Matt Keegan Trio […]

Trick Shot – Is It My Fault Dynamic Hepnotics – Hepnobeat Mudcrutch – Shady Grove Robert Plant – Carry Fire Sam Shinazzi – I Wrote A Book For You Warren & John Ellis – Mis’ry Is My Middle Name The Catholics – Permeate Arrested Development – Tennessee Stormhorse – Midnight In Harlem Dick and Christa […]

Clayton Doley – Bayou Billabong Double Whammy – Monster Stomp Matt Morrison – Sinking Dog Trumpet – Aquiline Continental Blues Party – Too Late To Cry Dave Dobbyn & Herbs – Slice Of Heaven D Henry Fenton And The Little Darwin Band – Ghost In My Vision Crank Williams And Patsy DeCline – Summer Wine […]

Julie kember – Undone Chet Faker – Gold My Cherie – Rose in the Garden Ghostwoods – Brighter Now Kardajala Kirridara – Abala Barlawa Anya Anastasia – Losing Wild Thom Yorke – The Clock The Gamma Rays – Casbah Alai K – Mganga Workhorse – Darkness Surf! Terror! Panic! – The Legend of Pula Kahula […]

Tad Robinson – Walking in Sunshine Sam Cooke – Summertime Surf! Terror! Panic! – The Legend of Pula Kahula Somnium – 4am Druid Fluids – La Reverie The EmptyThreats – U Baba Zula – Itaat etME Kaitlyn Page – Don’t Hit Me Up Disco Turco – Kibris Kizi Los Palms – Gypsy Souls Rodriguez – […]

Luna Magnet – Roller skating Los Palms – Let’s Go to The Water The Empty Threats – Sightseeing Chet Faker – Get High English Summer – Tall Stories Placement – Harder Katie Dey – Waves Kraftwerk – Tour de France Etape 3 Hawkwind – Silver Machine Ed Kuepper – The Way I Made You Feel […]

Adam Cirillo – Sunshine The Beths – A Passing Rain Sour Sob – New Wood, Old Ashes Dengue Dengue Dengue – Honduras Tehachapi – (100) Numbered Lovers The Stranglers – Peaches Somnium – Mystical Cookoo JDZZ – Body and Soul Somnium – Mystical Cookoo Serge Gainsbourgh – Du Jazz Dans le Ravin Faithless – Nate’s […]

The Masters Apprentices – Wars or hands of time Screaming Believers – don’t talk of love U-Bombs – I Am Today Betty Davis – Hangin’ Out Melanie – Lay Down(Candles in the rain) The Vains – I don’t Care Velvet Moth – Tracy popplethorn has a lot to answer for The Specials – Rudi, A […]

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