Proud To Be Loud

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thin lizzy – the sun goes down anthrax – jailbreak megadeth – cold sweat black star riders – wrong side of paradise casanovas – city streets cobra – blood on your money cirith ungol – dark parade triumph – too much thinking high spirits – ond day closer molly hatchet – fall of the peacemakers […]

killer – walls of hell motorhead – one track mind medieval – life after dead axewitch – axevictim picture – eternal dark obsession – only the strong will survive metal church – pick a god and prey cirith ungol – down below paradise lost – dying freedom robespierre – robespierre marquis de sade – border […]

death – the philospher autopsy – rabid funeral sadus – anarchy korgull the exterminator – in the darkest of times metal church – another judgement day overkill – won’t be comin’ back metalucifer – heavy metal bang your heads (Japanese version) aardvark – too old to cry nothing sacred – sudden death mages terror – […]

twisted sister – you can’t stop rock n roll highway chile – highway chile cobra – only you can rock me vandenberg – rock on high spirits – in the moonlight the casanovas – the lover krokus – screaming in the night helix – aint no high like rock n roll quiet riot – cum […]

VOIVOD – Jack Luminous raven – take control the rods – street fighter anvil – shadow zone ascalon – ascalon trouble – when the sky comes down u.d.o. – basta ya shiva – window on the west sanctus – gates of sorrow marquis de sade – last survivor uncle acid – dead eyes of London […]

mercyful fate – Egypt mercyful fate – curse of the pharaohs attacker – trapped in black blitzkrieg – V satan – another universe sabbat – the seven crosses of damnation darkthrone – summer of the diabolical holocaust mayhem – pure fucking armagedon the halo effect – shadowminds the halo effect – path of fierce resistence […]

raven black night – water well raven black night – lips of desire the loving tongue – evil in the sky the loving tongue – lost princess riot city – eye of the jaguar rainbow – 16th century greensleeves dio – killing the dragon black sabbath – hole in the sky rainbow – 16th century […]

john carpenter – Halloween theme king diamond – halloween kiss – creatures of the night blue oyster cult – don’t fear the reaper fastway – trick or treat 220 volt – Halloween WASP – the headless children motley crue – god bless the children of the beast motley crue – helter skelter savatage – scream […]

blood – intro + kaddath sinister – magnified wrath impaled nazarene – mortification blood red razor demilich – (within) the chamber of whispering eyes carcass – no love lost carcass – the granulating dark satanic mills obliteration – black death horizon autopsy – running from the goathead autopsy – throatsaw cannibal corpse – chaos horrific […]

riot – born in america manowar – gloves of metal twisted sister – ride to live, live to ride metallica – metal militia judas priest – panic attack kk’s priest – sons of the sentinel blitzkrieg – call for the priest cirith ungol – looking glass heavy load – angel dark gilgamesj – tales of […]

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