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Alabama 3 – Monday Don’t Mean Anything Porangui – Otorongo The Cramps – Get Off The Road Brucka Khan – I Know You! Brukt Rockmelons – Crunchy The Pastels – Speedway Star Big Wheels – All I Ever Wanna Do The Darling Buds – Love and Death Isobel Caldwell – Mary The Everys – Stranger […]

flying burrito brothers – do right woman captain beefheart – beatles bones n smokin stones helen shapiro – not responsible firewater – too many angels the mothers of invention – lets make the water turn black smog – dress sexy at my funeral randy newman – gods song (thats why i love makind) the loved […]

ed kueeper – rue the day hawkwind – orgone accumulator beruit – the penalty pressure drop – my friend edmundo ros – light my fire kharma county – told you so dead can dance – saltarello` ry cooder – yellow roses otis redding and carla thomas – when something is wrong with my baby martin […]

The Gels – Monday Morning DEATH IN JUNE – The Trigger King Daddy – Fox in a Hen House I Think They Hate Me – Vases Rhubarb – Musical Masturbation Eartha Kitt – La Grande Vie Nite Fruit – Obesseive Scissor Pretty – Like I’m Somewhere Else Miss Banks – Skinny Bitches Julz Evans – […]

CLAMM – Monday Destinizia – Terrified

The Mondays – Are You Bored Yet? BICEP – Apricot George Alice – Teenager Bitch Epic – Bitch Epic Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers – Girl Sports CLOONEE – Like What? Church Moms – Cigarette Patrick Topping – Let Wa Gan G Flip – GET ME OUTTA HERE Dom Dolla – Pump the breaks […]

Dead Roo – Monday Noah Wright – Money The Empty Sleeps – Good Place Blush Response – Vertigo Angel Olsen – Gloria Junk Harmony – Say It All Karim Kahar – Transcend (Every Moment in Present, Past-Contained) Killed By Cupid – Forget It Raven Ives – Ultraviolet The Green Kingdom – geomancy Gena Rose Bruce […]

Silent Duck – Santa’s Coming Tonight Michael Fix – Merry Christmas Melody Ryuichi Sakamoto, Hirokazu Sato – Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence Robb Sherwin – Christmas Odyssey The Sonics – Santa Claus Girlfriends and Boyfriends – Momento Mori Hermans Erillia – Make This Christmas The Meads of Asphodel – All things Bright and Shit Michael Kay […]

Dr Colossus – This Christmas (Buy Me Bonestorm or Go To Hell) Binaural Space – Peace in the Solar System Bucko & Champs – Aussie Jingle Bells Mathilde Anne – Dancing in the living room Claire Birchall and the Phantom Hitchhikers – Take it Easy Maryjane Tayliah – What I Needed Louie Zong – Cozy […]

Humblet – Not Coming In Monday Wendy Matthews – tko The Chicks – I Believe in Love Weyes Blood – In Holy Flux Baby and the Kicks – It’s You Gretta Ray – Love Me Right Funkadelic – Soul Mate A Man Called Son – Slowing to a Crawl Babes are Woloves – Ordinary Move […]

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