Local Band Rate

The Local Band Rate is Three D’s discounted promotional rate. The rate is available to South Australian bands and artists who are subscribed to Three D with a band subscription.


The Local Band Rate for promotions is $99 (including GST). This entitles you to 25 x 30 second spots in the week leading up to your event. This is a heavily discounted rate, and is offered as a way to support local musicians.


Three D Band Subscribers – contact us by email at: lbr@threedradio.com

The Fine Print


  • LBR is only available to South Australian bands and musicians who have a current Band Subscription with Three D Radio.
  • LBR can only be used by band subscribers to promote an event that they are playing in. In other words, a band subscription cannot be used for LBR promotion for gigs the band has nothing to do with. Musicians in several bands cannot use a single band subscription to promote all of their bands; each band needs its own subscription.
  • LBR can be used if the band subscriber is a support for an interstate or international tour. However, as far as the sponsorship message is concerned it is the subscriber’s gig. The headline act will be mentioned as part of the lineup, but backing music will feature the band subscriber, and the message will end with Subscriber supports Three D Radio. If this is not acceptable, then our Commercial Rate (still really cheap) must be used to promote interstate and international tours.
  • No cross promotion of any sponsors or grants. If you have sponsor or grant obligations, you must use our Commercial Rate.


Local Band Rate promotions are strictly pre-pay. Payment must be made before production can start on your promotion. Payment can be made through electronic funds transfer to Three D Radio using LBR and your band name as the payment reference. Alternatively, payment can be made as cash, cheque, or money order in person at the station. Cheques must clear before production commences.

Making Your Own Promo

Bands are welcome to produce their own promotional messages. Messages must be exactly 30 seconds long, and email to lbr@threedradio.com as a 192Kb/s MP3 file. When producing your message, follow these pointers:

  • Try to say as exactly what is needed, and nothing more. Your message could be lost on listeners if you talk too much.
  • Repeat the important information.
  • Avoid phone numbers and long web addresses, as listeners will miss these.
  • Don’t swear or mention alcohol. This limits when we can air your message.
  • End your message with “Your Band Name supports Three D Radio”
  • Keep your original files in case any changes need to be made, and so you can reuse your message for future events.

Terms and Conditions

  • All correspondence must be made using the email address lbr@threedradio.com
  • All details of the promotion, including payment, must be finalised at least 14 days from the event. This allows one week for production, and one week for the promotion to air.
  • An MP3 of the promotion will be emailed to you for your approval. Alterations will only be made for mispronunciation or errors made by us.
  • You must own any musical material played during a promotion, or be legally authorised to give permission to Three D to use material in a promotion.
  • Three D Radio reserves the right to reject any promotion at its absolute discretion.
  • Agreement is made in good faith. Three D Radio will not be held responsible for failures to broadcast in the case of unforeseen events, including but not limited to, the event of hardware failure, power outages, etc.
  • Paid Promotion in no way guarantees airplay of music on the station. You are paying for promotional messages only.
  • Drink specials and other promotions on the night will not be mentioned in messages.
  • Under the Trade Practices Act, you are responsible for promises made in promotional messages aired on Three D Radio.

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