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Why Us?

Three D Radio is unique. We are the only major metropolitan broadcaster in Australia that is entirely run by volunteers. Our subscribers, supporters and the occasional grant helps us to keep broadcasting and become a stronger, more independent organisation – and that helps us to play more local music.

Partner with us!

We partner with on-air sponsors who complement the overall sound and feel of our programming. In general, our on-air sponsors work in, with, and for music, arts, and culture businesses, venues, events, festivals, and more! And will be of interest to our community. Other businesses that wish to support us are invited to become a discounter and offer incentives and benefits to our valued subscribers. 

We have a range of sponsorship options including:

  • One-Off Campaigns
  • Regular Sponsorship – Start Me Up Deal
  • Regular Sponsorship – Regular Sponsor Deal
  • Program Sponsorship

Production is included

Three D Radio listeners are a discerning bunch. When they are happy, you are happy! We want sponsorship messages that our listeners want to listen to. All sponsorship messages need to be consistent with the sound of Three D Radio. For this reason, we will not broadcast pre-made advertisements meant for commercial radio. Production by Three D Radio is included with any sponsorship option.


Download our Sponsorship Kit here.

Three D Radio is committed to working with you to reach your audience.

Contact us at or 8363 3937 to chat about becoming a partner with us.

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