Voiceprint Arts / Arts Garden

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Voiceprint Arts is 90 minutes of whatever happens to be going down locally in the way of film, theatre, dance, music, multimedia happenings, exhibitions and installations and literary events.

With inclusiveness, diversity and community access in mind, VoiceprintArt highlights all types of artistic endeavour through interviews, news, discussion, reviews, previews, occasional live performance excerpts and ticket giveaways.
One of 3D’s few mainly-spoken-word programs, with a history as long as that of the station itself, VoiceprintArt aims to maintain and extend appetite for the creative output of artists everywhere, but mainly those HERE!

The Arts Garden

Alternate Mondays 6.30 – 8pm

Arts aficionado Gillian and down-to-earth gardener musician David invite you to come delve into the fertile soil of Adelaide’s cultural landscape. Share in the nurturing and propagation of creative minds in action; taste the largely locally-grown fruits of articulate arts practitioner guests; be tantalised to go reap and savour the produce of their efforts; and be nourished and inspired by gorgeous, seasonal and perennial blooms of diverse creative expression.

The AG will fill your market bag with visual, performing, poetry & multi-media arts – in a What’s On in shades of green.

Hosted By: Kyriaki & Lyndal / David & Gillian

Airs On: Monday, 18:30 - 20:00