Radiothon 2015 Prize Draw

Subscribe during Radiothon, August 21-30, and go into the draw to win these fantastic prizes!

Donor Prize
The Gov
  • One subscriber will win a Golden Ticket, including $400 worth of show tickets, and $200 to spend in the restaurant
Alpha Box & Dice
    • One subscriber will win a 6 litre bottle of Changing Lanes Tempranillo Cabernet Sauvignon, valued at $500
Streetlight adelaide
  • Six subscribers will win one of the following:
    • Sex Pistols 7″ Box Set, valued at $125
    • Nick Drake 5 CD Box Set, valued at $75
    • 2x $50 vouchers
    • 2x Tame Impala – Currents on vinyl, valued at $40
Rerun Records & Photography
  • One subscribers will win a crate of mixed second hand vinyl, valued at $500
Tim Smith Wines
  • Two subscribers will each win a Four Pack of Mixed Wines, valued at $100
Mercury Cinema
    • Four subscribers will each win a 16 film pass for Adelaide Cinémathèque, valued at $90
Haymes Paint Norwood
  • One subscriber will win a $250 voucher to spend on paint and supplies at Haymes Paint Norwood
Gusto & Flair
  • One subscriber will win a $180 voucher on hair care products and services
Capri Theatre
  • Three subscribers will each win a Double Pass to the film of your choice, valued at $34
Midwest Trader
  • Three subscribers will each win a $50 voucher to spend in store
Adelaide Music Collective
  • Two subscribers will each win a double pass to an AMC performance, valued at $70
Chile Mojo
    • One subscriber will win a Chile Mojo Gift Pack featuring seasoning blends, snacks, candies, BBQ sauces and chile sauces, valued at $110
Holden Street Theatres
  • Two subscribers will each win a double pass to the HST Fringe 2016 headline show valued at $53
Hains & Co.
  • One subscriber will win a $100 bar tab to spend on food and drinks
Rock Therapy
  • One subscriber will win a Woodstock 40th Anniversary 5 LP Vinyl Box Set, valued at $100
Heirloom Harvest
  • One subscriber will win a $100 voucher to spend on seeds, seedlings, tools and books
Exclusive Vintage Clothing
  • Two subscribers will each win a $50 voucher to spend in store
  • Two subscribers will each win a 30 minute remedial massage, valued at $40
Hair Machine Unley
  • One subscriber will win a $80 voucher towards hair care services at Hair Machine Unley
Charlesworth Nuts
  • One subscriber will win a Tasty and Tasteful Gift Basket, valued at $80
Kytons Bakery
  • One subscriber will win a Gift Hamper, valued at $70
The Tea Catcher
  • One subscriber will win a Tea Catcher Gift Pack including teas, teapot and time, valued at $60
Zapatas Mexican Restaurant
  • One subscriber will win a $50 voucher to spend in the restaurant
Viva Zapata Mexican Cantina
  • One subscriber will win a $50 voucher to spend in the restaurant
Rising Sun Hotel
  • One subscriber will win a $50 voucher to spend in the restaurant

Organically Grown

  • One subscriber will win a $20 voucher to spend in store

Thanks to these fine local businesses for donating such amazing prizes!

Radiothon 2015 Band Prize Draw

Radiothon 2015 is upon us! Subscribe during Radiothon, August 22-30, and go into the draw to win some fantastic prizes, all donated by local businesses.

Here’s the prize draw for band subscriptions!


Donor Prize
Disk Edits
  • One subscriber will win a Mastering package, including 3 hours of studio time, 1 Master CD and 1 Reference CD, valued at $595
Fish Shop Recording
  • One subscriber will win a One day recording package, valued at $350
Salvi's Fine Guitars
  • One subscriber will win a Deluxe guitar service and setup, valued at $260
Brew Boys
  • Two subscribers will each win a Mixed Carton of Brew Boys Beer, valued at $90
Tim Smith Wines
  • One subscriber will win a Four Pack of Mixed Wines, valued at $100
 Music SA
  • One subscriber will win Poster Wall Gig Guide Advert, for one month duration, on the new MusicSA website, valued at $110
  • One subscriber will win a $50 voucher and Fretco T Shirt, valued at $70
 Midwest Trader
  • One subscriber will win a $50 voucher to spend in store
Capri Theatre
  • Two subscribers will each win a Double Pass to the film of your choice, valued at $34
 Three D Radio
  • Three bands will each win Three Weeks of Local Band Rate Promotion on Three D, valued at $297

Thanks to these fine local businesses for donating such amazing prizes!

Vale Peter Staben

3D Band - Tony pics 2We’re deeply saddened by the passing of Peter Staben, aka The Brat, influential and much loved presenter of Technicolour Dreaming and Obscured by… and member of the Brats and Rashamra. Peter passed away Thursday, July 16 surrounded by his family. Rest in peace our friend, you will be sorely missed. The Cat has put together a fantastic bio for you to read below.

Peter’s first band on keyboards (well one that had a name, anyway) was when he was still at high school, Clarke and the Opus 5 (mainly surf covers and hits of the day, with vocals by the lovely 60’s model Christine Cassebohm). The next notable band was Rashamra, where he was the baby of the band at 19 years old, but had a couple of Adelaide Top 5 chart hits with “Antelope” and “Mr Timekeeper” (the b-side of which “Paradise Found (With Apologies to Milton)” was his first real songwriting effort). An album was recorded but the master tape was re-used by their manager before it could be released, lost forever. After Rashamra broke up, he played in the short-lived Hard Rock Theatre (with Jim Keays), then in Queen (with Sue Barker).

After a couple of months living on the beach and surfing at Cactus (he helped build, according to him, the worst constructed grain silo in the country! That’s what you get for employing surfies to pour concrete), it was time to travel the world for a few years, visiting, and living in (in no particular order) Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma, India, Nepal, the Czech Republic (Prague), France (Paris, in a proper artists garret at the top of 5 flights of stairs!), Crete (in a fishing village during the off-season), and then finally London.

It was in London that Peter discovered punk, shaved his beard and cut his hair, lived in squats in some fantastic old buildings, taught remedial students at a local high school, and joined his first punk band, an embryonic version of GBH (the Brat had vivid memories of playing on the back of a truck during a CND rally). His musical outlook changed forever, he travelled back to Australia (via Perth and Darwin) to spread the word.

This is when The Brats were born, a short-lived band who made a huge impact on the Adelaide music scene, with “Life on the Dole” being their only recording that received a proper release (on the 5MMM comp), although it was played on community stations around the country. You may be interested to know that he also wrote the bridge section of the Bad Poets “Crash Sweet Crash” (on the same comp), when the band got stuck with how to link the verse and the chorus!

After the Brats disintegrated, he travelled to Darwin, where he wrote the music column in the daily paper, and which consequently featured lots and lots of stories of the exploits of his latest band, Exhibit A (the first version) – the band shopping at the local supermarket made the front page! Peter said “better to be a big fish in a little pond than never be a fish at all”.

The next move was to Melbourne, where he made friends (in his usual inimitable style) with a host of great musos of the time: Chris, Dave and Claire from The Moodists, Lindy and Grant of the Go-Betweens, Russell of the Crystal Set, Nick and Tracey of the Birthday Party, Stu Spasm, Tex Perkins, Marty and Ploogie of The Church (the latter originally being the drummer for The Brats)…..sorry for all the name dropping. This is when Exhibit A (mk 2) recorded the unreleased single “Confusion”, which was all ready to go when their record label folded.

Rock stardom thwarted yet again, Peter “settled down” to fatherhood, first with Oliver, and then with the birth of Holly. Later moving back to Adelaide, he concentrated on work and being a single-dad to Holly, only playing occasionally and recording with Mary Laslett and Peter Jesser (Rashamra), and doing a couple of gigs with Truck offshoot Devil’s Elbow (with Lynton Cox and Mick Brown).

He eventually found his way to Three D Radio (with Holly in tow, doing her own show on Rock and Roll High School), hosting Breakfast with Lynton, and Obscured By … with Michael Hunter. After Lynton’s untimely death in early 2005, I then joined Wednesday Breakfast and The Cat and the Brat were born.

Not being a morning person, we switched to Wednesday Drive with Technicolour Dreaming (no more 4.30am alarms, yay!) while also entertaining the listeners (as well as ourselves) as the Three Dots on Obscured By…, until our switch later on to the current Tuesday timeslot.

After The Cat and The Brat’s rock’n’roll wedding at the original Jade Monkey in 2007 Peter was keen to re-release Life on the Dole, a dream that was realised a few years later with the shiny black vinyl double-A-side shared with the Molting Vultures.

Since then, apart from the occasional guest spot with the Molties, and playing with the memorable (for all the wrong reasons) Three D Band (we had such good fun singing and playing with Adam, Tim, Dave, Suzy, Mark and Kerry) the Brat has concentrated on radio since retiring from work in 2008, and with our permanent move down south, a lot of his time has been spent in the last few years researching and downloading a ridiculous amount of music from new psychedelic bands from round the world, to play on our show. So much music, and so little time to find and play it all.

Information Night: 26 May 2015

Three D will be holding a public information session on Tuesday, May 26 at 7:30pm. At the information night we will show you around the station, discuss how the station works, and how you can be involved.

Guests will need to register for the information night using the form below. Registrations are limited so we can keep things running smoothly. Don’t worry if you can’t attend this session or the registrations close. Three D will be running more information sessions throughout the year.

Vale George

We are very sad to hear that long time presenter George Gauci has passed away.

Vale George. He is a huge part of Three D history, as he was involved for 20 years, from 1990 until 2010.

Particularly through his work on The Prison Show, George performed a crucial service to the most marginalised and disempowered people in our community. He played the music they requested and provided a powerful line of communication for messages from inside out and outside in. George exemplifies the work of a Community Radio volunteer.

Three D and the SA music community were blessed to have him. He will be missed.

Top 100+1 for 2014

The Top 100+1 was a fantastic day yesterday. Congratulations to Fluffy for taking out the number 1 position for their release Stupormarket. And of course to all the other bands who made it into the chart; Three D would not exist without you. Here’s the entire chart Continue reading

2014 Radiothon Prize Winners!

Did you win a prize in this year’s Radiothon? The full list of winners is below. Sit tight if you’ve won a prize, we will be contacting you directly next week.

Of course, thank you to the incredibly generous businesses who donated all these prizes. And, a big thanks to everyone who subscribed and made Radiothon 2014 a smashing success!

Individual Prize Draw

Hijack the Green Room Rhys Howlett
Three D Feature of the week pack Nick Daaed
Three D Album of the week pack Christopher Moylan
Double pass to Capri Theatre Tim Walsh
Double pass to Capri Theatre Mitchell Suursaar
Double pass to Capri Theatre Tim Kelton
Double pass to Capri Theatre Phil McTaggart
Double pass to Capri Theatre Monique Garrood
The Tea Catcher Gift Pack Robert Leo
Double pass to Holden Street Theatre Fringe Headliner Jonathon Gore
Double pass to Holden Street Theatre Fringe Headliner Glenn Batey
$50 Urban Cow Studio voucher Westley Tully
Nick Drake Vinyl – Five Leaves Left Paul Frost
$100 Viva Zapata Mexican Cantina Voucher Helen Roberts
$100 Zapata’s Mexican Restaurant Voucher Jonathon Goodfield
$100 Café Komodo voucher Giles Mayor
$100 Wolfies Records voucher Tim English
$100 Vintage Carousel voucher Kerry Smith
Jazz: Smithsonian Anthology 6CD Box Set Matt Burgess
$150 Streetlight Adelaide voucher Peter McPharlin
$250 Haymes Paint voucher Kym Williams
Soursob Bob house concert Marjorie Darling
Golden Ticket for The Gov Stephen Nelsen

Band Prize Draw

$50 Fretco voucher and T shirt Nekkro Electro
Brew Boys mixed carton of beer Guilt Free
Brew Boys mixed carton of beer The Toss
Three D Local band rate promotion Dead Beats
Three D Local band rate promotion Centrelink
Three D Local band rate promotion Raw Spud
Fender CD60CE Guitar (Derringers)
Bubonic Babe
Little Red Hen graphic design package SoundsLikeAStory
Essai Lag Acoustic Guitar (Salvi’s)
Andy & Marta
Disk Edits mastering package Sunburners

Radiothon 2014 Prize Draw

Radiothon starts this Friday, August 22 at 5pm. Subscribe during Radiothon and you’ll go into the draw to win some fantastic prizes. A big thanks to all the local businesses who have kindly donated prizes for the draw.

Individual Prize Draw

Band Prize Draw

  • 1x Mastering Package, valued at $595, courtesy of Disk-Edits
  • 1x Essai Lag T77ACE Acoustic Guitar, valued at $579, courtesy of Salvi’s Fine Guitars
  • 1x Graphic Design package valued from $500, courtesy of Little Red Hen Studio
  • 1x Fender CD-60CE acoustic guitar and bag, valued at over $400, courtesy of Derringers Music
  • 3x 3 weeks Local Band Rate promotion on Three D, valued at $197
  • 2x Mixed cartons of beer, valued at $60, courtesy of Brew Boys
  • 1x $50 voucher and T-shirt, courtesy of Fretco

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