Keep Community Radio!

Help keep Three D Radio and all community radio stations on air Friday, 3 June!

Three D Radio’s standing alongside commercial broadcasters and ABC/SBS in Adelaide is at risk due to a funding shortfall in the Federal Budget. The loss of $1.4 million per annum puts all community digital radio services at risk and excluding community broadcasters from digital broadcasting threatens the whole community broadcasting sector’s key role in Australian free-to-air broadcasting.

We need you to head over to and sign the petition to let the government know you value community radio.

Three D will be taking part in a national day of action on Friday, 3 June, as part of the Keep The Community In Your Radio campaign aimed at getting the Labor and Liberal parties to commit to addressing the shortfall if elected in July. This follows a petition that has attracted more than 26,000 signatures in support of keeping community radio.

Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) Chief Executive Officer Jon Bisset said the Government’s decision to restore this funding would speak to the value it places on the contribution that more than 450 community radio services make each day around the country.

“As it stands, the Federal Budget does not properly reflect the a commitment to keeping these media services that contribute to public interest outcomes and media diversity, generate high levels of local and specialist content, and provide unique opportunities for participation in free-to-air media,” Mr Bisset said.

“We strongly urge Ministers Fifield and Clare to restore the Government’s commitment to community radio.”

For more information on digital radio and to join the Keep The Community In Your Radio campaign, go to For media enquiries, contact Michael Marner via

One thought on “Keep Community Radio!

  1. Heath Watts

    Hi Adelaide,
    I’m a presenter from the Manning Valley NSW and am passionate about keeping Community Radio Alive.
    I’ve also just released a new single of mine that I’d like to send you.
    Could you kindly send em your email address in order that I may send the music file.
    The song is listed on AMRAP – title is Looking Through The Eyes of a Child.
    Perhaps we could Interview each other for our respective programs.
    Kind regards,


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